The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 135

We continue our story from here.

After thinking about it long and hard, I have decided for the time being, not to expand too much on my thoughts about the show and the episodes in these Steve posts ……

617 (64)

I hope you enjoy all the beautiful pictures of Steve that Paula selected for us from the episode …

617 (32)

617 (100)



617 (104)


617 (66)

The one development in Steve’s story of course, is that now he knows what we got to see when Cath left. He’s got the knowledge that Cath is working undercover for the CIA. It can either be good or bad, depending on if the writers actually plan to expand on it and use it effectively – sooner rather than later.

Will it just be another “Doris-frustration” of lost opportunity to actually give Steve a story, or will they give Alex the chance to show us how he and Steve plays this one out? I doubt …….

617 (82)

All I can say is that after two-thirds of the episodes of this season, I am completely underwhelmed by the direction that the show is taking  …….

And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:17

Waiwai (Assets)

Written by: Eric Guggenheim

Directed by: Maja Vrvilo

To be continued …….


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18 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 135

  1. I like reading you and the koala’s take but I understand the frustration. Be prepared to be frustrated for another season because I have no doubt it will be renewed. I was disappointed Cath didn’t make an appearance just the name. Oh well, just enjoy the pretty. 🙂


    • I wrote some of my thoughts, but in the end deleted it all with a feeling that it is really not worth the time to care anymore. 😦
      I honestly don’t know if my Alex fangirling will be able to survive another season like this and big parts of S5?
      Alex asked his fans to follow him to which every project he goes – but this is starting to seriously test me……


      • I am still hoping in S7 they will get their act together and wrap up all the dangling Steve-storylines. Nahale, Doris, Joe, Wo Fat sr. You name it. Yeah, I am hopeless ;-). But as long Alex is in it, I am too. I am enjoying the pretty and his acting, it never disappoints. Loved his scenes with Brenner (?) in this episode! And once in a while, to get my fix, I am watching 5.07 again. Or 4.08. Or 5.19. Or 3.20… Or… going here and reading your studies, the old gems, and enjoying the pretty gifs and pics! ❤


        • Just me taking stock this time of year when our site renewal is due. Wondering if it is still all worth it ……. needing to find the reason to still be here.


  2. Bunty

    Have to watch this show for my Alex ‘fix’.
    But the storylines are confusing characters appear and disappear without explanation frustrating I
    Just keep my eyes on Alex and to hell with whats going on around 😳


    • It sounds like a good policy to follow at the moment!


    • gracenotpark

      Ugh! You said that well…”characters appear and disappear without explanation.” So freakin irksome!

      I cannot pass up Alex on tv. But jeez if he weren’t in this thing I’d be so happy to ditch it and watch a decent show instead.

      Foyeur I get your frustration. Your McG reports have held together for me this mediocre show and its ridiculous maze of convoluted stories. Your focus on McG, which Show has chosen to stop doing, to its detriment, helped me contend with episodes that were often barely watchable and often made no sense in any reality.

      I wish we could buoy you the way you have buoyed us.

      Perhaps Paula’s always awesome pics help a little? They also go a long way for me. 😉


      • Kath40

        ITA Grace. If it weren’t for Alex I could take or leave the show at this point.
        As for AOLIS….Ladies I enjoy very much your pics, gifs, the week in review, Steve’s stories and the many articles you find and post. I like our little FanGirl community. ♥ I find “Alex” is still so worth our time and effort where ever his crazy choice of career leads us. OXOXOX


    • EDP

      Exactly how I feel


  3. The pics are beautiful 🙂


  4. I’m like Bunty. Just like to see Alex on my screen every week. For this reason I need H50 to be renewed. Don’t rely on the rest anymore. The old stuff was the best. Shame because it could be so much more.


  5. Also how else would we get so many wonderful pics??


  6. I just look forward to seeing Alex on my big screen every week. Girls, don’t give up. I would love to see Alex produce/direct an episode. I bet it would be amazing! Yes, I’m a dreamer.


  7. Amanda Malin

    I’ve read most of the comments to this post and I understand the disappointment and annoyance some of the people are feeling. Hawaii Five-0 has changed a lot over the course of five/six years and it’s not the same anymore. I’m not gonna get into detail and list everything I don’t like about it because we can’t change that anyway. There are days when I ask myself if it’s still worth watching… But then I hear Alex talk about his job and how much he loves doing it and that makes everything better — At least for me. Because I know that an actor I really like is happy with what he does. I don’t like the fact that Steve doesn’t have a real storyline anymore and gets pushes aside to make room for other characters and stories, but as long as he appears on my TV screen each week I’m happy and I enjoy it.


  8. I support and share your frustration and disappointment. At this point i only watch the show because of Alex. The character Steve McGarrett and the leading actor – Alex, deserves much more that we had in these two last seasons. So i join you by staring at the “pretty” Paula did for us and hoping that we will have a surprise in these last episodes, that you and Mr. Koala can give an accurate and fun review.


  9. Ocean

    I would love for the writers to get back to the Champ box. It was the basis of the show. There are so many mysteries in it that could tell Steve more about his father. And as much as I enjoy all of the newly introduced characters, I think they dilute the core team. It’s fine to have them support 5-0, but not for their stories to take it over. The show is about Navy SEAL Steve McGarrett — his angst over his father’s murder, his noble efforts to head a crime task force, and his friendship with Danny. And as someone else noted, what’s happened to the Nahele story? So much potential there! Joe White? Doris? Wo Fat’s father? I like that they have shown the fun side of Steve, but the McG I know and love is wearing kevlar, taking risks to save someone’s life, and getting patched up in the ER because of it.


  10. buttercup4u

    I can’t believe they take the guy from the ep with the kids on the bus to play an IA detective!! I mean, I like him, he sure has potential to be a good baddie, but it seems odd!
    Still catching up!


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