Lunch with a vampire – Alex O’ on SueTube – July 2007


In the private dining room of Circa 55 at The Beverly Hilton, about six reporters gathered for lunch with the charismatic star of CBS’ new vampire series “Moonlight,” which had a major renovation from the presentation version sent out to critics and advertisers. The only actor left standing after the housecleaning was lead Alex O’Loughlin, a charming Australian actor best known in the United States for his role this season on FX’s “The Shield.” (Note to “Veronica Mars” fans: Alex’s new vamp pal will be played by Jason Dohring.)

Lunch with a Vampire
by TV Critic Susan Young
19 July 2007

Young Mick

Alex, 30, tells us his mom was devastated by the widely reported Internet rumor that he was one of many children fathered by the late AC/DC wild man Bon Scott.“She wasn’t very happy being called a harlot,” Alex says. “And my dad wasn’t very happy either.’”

Alex & Kate

O’Loughlin just finished filming a movie with Kate Beckinsale and says after a dry spell he’s finally getting some juice into his career. “I had sold my car and had to sell my motorbike,” Alex, who was being considered for such roles as James Bond, says. Then I got the chance to go on ‘The Shield,’ which I love, and then this and two movies.”

Alex as Kevin

He’s so giddy about it all, he doesn’t even mind going to San Diego next week for Comic Con to boost Moonlight’s profile before it airs in September. He’s got all of the vamp folklore down solid and he’s waiting to show it all off. “(Producer) Joel Silver told me ‘You ARE going to Comic Con,’ ” Alex says with a laugh. “I’m ready.”

Alex at Comic Con

And it helps to have the beloved icon of vampdom on board, David Greenwalt of “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” David will be overseeing the series and keeping it in the right vein.

TCA 2007

Joel Silver, Alex, David Greenwalt & Sophia



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8 responses to “Lunch with a vampire – Alex O’ on SueTube – July 2007

  1. oh if only I could go back in time and live in the States, I would soooo have been there!! 😀


  2. r1015bill

    Too bad David Greenwalt left after three months. Things might have been radically different if the show runner had been stable.



  3. karen

    Don’t think I ever heard why Moonlight kept losing it’s show runners. Obviously there was a problem somewhere.


  4. How have I never seen that first pic of Mick? That stare went straight to my nether regions and his delicious chest hair is making my fingers and tongue twitch. Mick makes me think of naughty naughty things. 😛


  5. Thank you FOYER for digging up this little gem. I don’t believe I’ve ever read it before. The info is not all that new to me as I’ve a been a fan of Moonlight from the beginning. But it’s nice to see the actual article where these Alex bits and pieces originated. Oh how I wish Moonlight didn’t have such a rough go of it with multiple show runners, Alex being the show runner himself at one point, trying to keep it all on track. *Sigh*


  6. >>He’s so giddy about it all […]<<
    I love these words. Because that's him!

    Thank you for digging out all these gems!


  7. Ontlls

    MICK!! Oh sorry.. That first picture just.. WOW!! and scrolling down and seeing that last one… *THUNK*


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