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#AlexOLoughlin having some fun on Ellen – 17 May 2013


Ellen: Hey, Alex

Alex: How are you?

Ellen: Good how are you?


Alex: I’m good. I saw some Hawaii Five-0 on TV.

Ellen: Yup, just watching. So you’re living in Hawaii now, right?

Alex: Yeah, three years.


Ellen: So this is the 4th season or are you starting the 4th season?

Alex: We start the 4th season in July.

Ellen: Very exciting.

Alex: It’s crazy. It feels like, you know…

Ellen: Yeah. So when you were, when you were ….. you were just renting, you didn’t commit to living in Hawaii at that time?

Alex: I think I saw you in the first season, right.

Ellen: Yeah.

Alex: And now I’m there three years later, and I’ve actually….. I bought a house. Actually I think I bought a house right after I came on your show.

Alex - on Ellen 2013

Ellen: Aha.

Alex: It’s beautiful.

Ellen: It must be beautiful.

Alex: It is beautiful. I did that thing, you know, where they tell you to buy the worse house on the best street. I kind of did that. It’ s falling apart a little bit. 

Ellen: Yeah.

Alex: It’s mid-century. . It’s like all open. And I tinker away on it.

Ellen: That’s very cool. They say that’s the best investment. To buy the worst house on the best street.

Alex: Right.

Ellen: And so you had to completely redo it, or?

Alex: I would like to completely redo it, but it’s like….. a coat of paint and some love. I share it … I live in a gully and so the critters kind of come in and go out. I try to keep them at bay. But like it has doors and windows on most of the house.


Ellen: Well that’s good. It sounds like a nice one.

Alex: Yeah.

Ellen: Yeah. So did you …. I saw a picture of a deck. Is this because you built it yourself, or?

Alex: I … okay.

Ellen: That doesn’t look finished.


Alex: It’s …… I think we have a couple of pictures. I, I ….. It’s a beautiful deck alright. That’s my view. I’m so happy…oh it’s so beautiful.

Ellen: Wow, that’s the ocean, yeah. That’s amazing.


Alex: That’s why I live there, because it looks like that. That is the deck. I’d like to say I built it. But I actually built … I did the footings underneath and then I got a guy to come and do the wood. Cause I could have built it. But if I did …… it would be more … it wouldn’t pass the safety regulations….


Ellen: I would think the footings are very important too, because that’s what’s holding the whole thing up.

Alex: They are actually. I was a little trivial about it. But we did a really good job and it’s not going anywhere.

Ellen: Alright, let’s talk about …… You have a new baby right?

Alex: I have a new baby. His name is Lion. He’s six months old.

Ellen: Sweet.

Alex: He’s the best. That’s my baby.

Baby Lion on Ellen

Ellen: Is he wearing some kind showgirl hair dress? Like from Vegas or something?

Alex: That’s Easter. And he was representing. He’s very ….. yeah, that’s my man. That’s a little more. That was after swimming the other day. He’s very sort of measured. My big boy Saxon is kind of pretty rowdy.

Little Lion

Ellen: How old is he?

Alex: He’s a … he’ll be 16 in July. And he is huge. He’s like six-foot. It’s terrifying.

Ellen: Wow.

Alex: I don’t think … I don’t know if he’s mine. I don’t …. It’s like….

Ellen: Yeah.

Alex: Cause if you do the math. By the time … when do they stop growing? At about 21? He would be like 7’3.

Ellen: He might be.

Alex: I don’t know.

Ellen: Yeah.. and…

Alex: Malia has a 4 year old called Spike and so it’s sort of ….. it’s like a man-factory in my house.

Ellen: And who are you surfing with? Cause you were starting to surf last time.

Alex: I don’t really surf with many people. I’m not very good. I haven’t committed.

Not surfing
That’s not surfing. That’s …. Is that a diversion?

Ellen: No. I think we just wanted to show that again. For some reason.


Alex: That’s a lot of work to look like that. I look like that for about a week and half of the year.

Ellen: Well I wanted to …… I got your baby, Lion, cause I love that name. And hopefully he’ll start surfing, because you’re right there.

Alex: Totally, totally.

Ellen: And so we got him a little outfit to wear ….. that is….. [handing Alex a  costume of a lion ]

Lion's Lion suit.

Alex: That’s the best.


Ellen: Yeah, right. He doesn’t have to surf in it. He can just wear it.

Alex: You know it’s … Something in here?

Alex on Ellen

Oh man. Oh, that’s too much. Look son. [showing the surfboard to the camera]

Lion's surfboard

Ellen: Very cool. No pressure.

Alex: No pressure. You know what’s going to happen? Is, the 4 year old is going to squeeze himself into that with some vegetable oil. And then he’s never going to take it off. Cause it’s so cool.

Ellen: Well, I would like that picture.

Alex: Thank you so much.

Ellen: If you’ll do me a favour and shoot a picture. And send me. I’d love to see that.

Alex on Ellen

Alex: I will totally do it for you.

Ellen: Well thanks for being here. Always great to see you.


Alex: Thank you for having me.

Ellen: And watch the season finale of Hawaii Five-0 next Monday night at 10 on CBS.

Alex on Ellen

Link to the interview

My Thoughts

Interesting to think how much changed in Alex’s life in the 2½ years between the two interviews on Ellen:

  • From the excitement of starting the 1st season of Hawaii Five-0, to the satisfaction of finishing the 3rd season and going on hiatus till the 4th season starts filming in July.
  • From being a bachelor living alone and having Amber as a girlfriend during the 2010 interview, to having Malia as a partner, a new 6 month old baby boy and their 2 other boys (Saxon & Spike) living with him in the house he bought in Hawaii in the beginning of 2011.
  • I hope with their next interview, there will be a picture of either Lion or Spike in that lion costume.


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