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Photoshoot in blue – Alex for Honolulu Magazine in 2011

Totally forgot about these few photos, till stumbled upon one and decided to search for the rest. Google then decided to give me a big surprize and gave 3 of these pics in big size. You know bigger is better always with Al 😉
As far as I could tell (by minimal research) there was no real Article with an interview. They just listed H50 as a job opportunity, to be an extra in the backgrounds. And they used Alex as bait! Great idea, worked wonders I bet 😉

This is a direct quote from their page online

If you are interested in being an extra for Hawaii Five-0, you’ll need to submit your name, phone number, address, car make/model/year, your height, weight, clothing sizes and two 4×6 photos, (1 full body and 1 bust to top of head). If you want to do beach work, include an additional bathing suit photo. Non-union extras are paid $65 for an eight-hour day plus overtime, if there is any. AFTRA members make the current AFTRA rate for background performers. Models in swimwear are paid $200 for an eight-hour day plus any overtime. Mail your information to Hawaii 5-0 Extras Casting, 560 N. Nimitz Hwy. #207, Mail Box 146, Honolulu, Hi. 96817.

Also one of the photoshoots where I actually love the background. Clouds and water are always a good choice 🙂


All credit to the photographer Mark Arbreit for his excellent work.



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