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#AlexOLoughlin being interviewed by HNN at SOTB 3 – 2012

While Tannya Boyd Joaquin and Keahi Tucker from Hawaii News Now were busy doing an interview with Peter Lenkov and Robert Orci, Alex came by and was asked to join them.

Alex - HNN Interview 2012

Keahi: Your big guy is coming over here. Hi!

Tannya: Aloha.

Keahi: We’re having a moment. We’ll squeeze you on up on here. Come on up Alex.

Tannya: Aloha

Peter: [Hugging Alex] This is the only time I’ll ever be taller than you.

Alex: That’s right. No, I like it.

Robert: Signoré

Alex: Orri, how are you?

Tannya: Aloha Alex, how are you doing? Good to see you.

Alex: Thank you. Good to see you again.

Keahi: Looking good. Gentleman, let’s make some room here.

Tannya: Fans are dying to hear from you.

Interview 2012

Keahi: No problem, there’s plenty of room up here.

Alex: Have I ruined the ……

Keahi: Not at all. You just improved it. Just to prove that this is live TV. This is a moment. It’s happening. He just said he is giving you a new 10 year contract. Your reaction? [This of course, is a joke that Keahi made and not really true or what they were talking about]

Peter: Congratulations.

HNN Interview 2012

Alex: Thank you. I can do the extensions on the house.

Tannya: Not to mention you have an addition to your family coming.

Alex: I have an addition coming. I have a little kama’aina baby coming in about 4 weeks. If he’s on time. He may be not.

Keahi: We love that. You know when you get involved with a local family; you are suddenly our family, here on the Islands.

SOTB 2012, HNN Interview

Tannya: You belong to us, if no one told you that already.

Alex: Thank you.

Keahi: You belong to Hawaii. Do you feel that way?

Alex: I do…I actually do feel that way. You’d probably gonna have to share me with Australia. They’re prett …. they’re a little bit possessive, but…..

Keahi: Working on it.

Alex: Well, it’s an honour to be owned and possessed by Hawaii as well.

Keahi: Who all did you show up with tonight? You had a van full of people.

Alex: I have a clan with me. I have my partner Malia and her family, the Jones family. And her little boy and my big boy. And some friends and some relatives. And we got a big old peep remover and ….

[Crowd chanting, Alex, Alex, Alex……..]

Alex: What a great chant.

Chant - SOTB 2012

Tannya: They were trying to bribe us. They are dying to get your autograph. We’ll see if we can send you over there a little bit later.

Alex: Sure.

Tannya: You know, big drama coming this season, with Christine Lahti joining the cast. Mom is still alive. What can you tell the fans that won’t be able to see until tomorrow, who are watching live?

Alex: Tune in tomorrow. I mean, it’s our highest rated episode ever. Even above the pilot, which is incredible. Christine Lahti brings …… Look she’s ……. it’s funny walking on the set with her, is kind of like walking on the set with General Patton. She’s so highly decorated, you know. … I saluted, I couldn’t stop myself. She’s incredible. She’s a great actress. She’s a wonderful person and she’s like and like a true …. she’s avid professional. She’s so open, and,  and …. you know. It was wonderful.

Keahi: Speaking of acting. The art of acting. There’s something I’ve been wondering since I watched that final cliffhanger. The moment you open the door and you see her. The look on your face. You’re trying to convey so many different things in a look, right. And this is the actor’s moment. What were you thinking then? What were you going for and how many takes did you do?


Alex: I thought of the first meal I ever tried to cook, in senior high school. No, I didn’t at all. I don’t know. I mean it’s kind of a technical question, you know.

With a moment like that, it’s so full of so much, you can’t just….  you can’t wing it. Its got to be real and you got to find a way in. And so you just find a way in and you just try to imagine if that’s the case …and you know. And go to a place that’s ….. you know …. It’s very difficult to talk about that in a quick line interview.

Keahi: It’s like the actors studio here, with thousands of people surrounding us.

Alex: Yes. Sit down, and you know…..

Peter: There weren’t a lot of takes. He did an amazing job. He was really playing …… there was no actor on the other side of that door, so …….. and it’s pretty damn good. He…..

Alex & Peter - HNN 2012

Robert: Alex, what’s the first thing that you would say to God, if you met him?

Alex: I would say, “Can I ask you a question?”

Tannya: You know, we had Michelle Borth earlier. She says she’s always asked what it’s like to have the love-scenes with Alex O’Loughlin. So she says, “You are lucky to work with her in those love scenes.” How do you feel about your love interest?

Alex: She’s absolutely right. Look any woman that, you know ….. you should know, she should feel sorry for Malia. Malia voluntarily sort of gets up close to me. At least, she’s getting paid, you know….. but ah ….
But she’s terrific and she’s a wonderful addition to the cast. It’s great.

You know it’s funny, the further we go on, the show, each year you know the things change, the storylines develop and these geniuses here, kind of come up with new and incredible sort of cliffhangers and all the rest of it. And the show as it unfolds, we feel where the balance is needed, right.

And one of the balances was Michelle Borth coming on full-time. And she’s an addition to the cast that we all know and love. And it’s perfect, you know. And she’s terrific to have on set. She’s a blast. She’s a lot of fun. She’s got a great sense of humour. She’s a great actor, and so it’s just another development of Hawaii Five-0 as it grows and becomes the living, breathing beast that it is.

Alex - HNN Interview

Keahi: Well we know you have a lot of people to talk to. A lot of media waiting for you. So, one final question, before we let you go. The fans, I know you wanted this to happen here tonight. And it’s happening and it’s fantastic. Your message to the fans.

Alex: Look, I’m just so thrilled that we …. we, the people of Hawaii and I now include myself in that you know, have the opportunity to celebrate the show. It’s not only terrific for the economy, but it’s great for our spirits here on this Island. We get to tell stories. We get to tell Hawaiian stories.

We get to be integral with the culture that is so old and so rich and important, you know. Dude you guys deserve this you know. And we should never not do it for as long as the show is on air. In fact even when we go off the air, I think we should still do it.

Keahi: Make it an annual thing. Why not?

Alex: So thank you all very much. To all the fans who come and camp up on the beach and hang out. Without these guys, without you guys we can’t do this.

Keahi: Well the feeling is mutual. Thank you very much, all of you.

Tannya: Congratulations. Looking forward to tonight.

SOTB 2012 - HNN

Link to interview

My Thoughts

  • I can’t help but wonder what changed between Hawaii News Now and Hawaii Five-0 over the years? From HNN live streaming nearly everything at  SOTB 3 in 2012 (and the previous years), to barely covering it as only a part of their news broadcast in 2013, with a few interviews recorded during the evening, to hardly having anybody covering the event at all this year in 2014? It just seems that everything might not be that good anymore?


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