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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #102

We continue our story from here

So does everybody in America or Hawaii drive around with a chainsaw in their car, just in case they need to cut down a tree? Oh, but of  course Steve is not  just anybody and it must be standard equipment, like the hand-grenades and other goodies that he stores in Danno’s car.

I am sorry, but crossing the line seems to really just come too easily and have totally gone haywire in Season 5. I can understand if you do something illegal (or move the line a bit), in order to save a life or to solve a case or as part of ‘battle’. But to do something illegal because you are stingy and for own personal gain has never been part of Steve’s game. To me it looks like my call on the lobotomy Steve had in Epi 505, was spot on. It is just not part of his character that we have seen up until now, in my opinion – That is my personal opinion and others may see Steve’s personality in a totally different light (as it seems the writers and/or maybe even Alex do?).

Of course my opinion comes from a place where we do not use live trees in our houses for Christmas. And I do not see the value of cutting down a tree to have it up in my house for a few days. Much less stealing one from a protected forest to do so. Paula and I have had a long debate about it, because she comes from a country where it is very much the custom to have a living tree and where such trees are in abundance and easy to find. And therefore our opinions on it differ substantially. As I am sure it will amongst other fans as well.

I know the whole tree buying, tree stealing scene was intended to be funny – and it was a funny idea, just poorly executed. And I also know that it is just one tree in a place with loads of trees, but if that is the attitude of every person on the Island, all those many trees will be gone and maybe that is why it is prohibited by the law at that specific spot……..

Then back to Steve’s story…..

I doubt if the important meeting with the Governor actually meant anything. But how about setting up some actual new storyline, when you do try to find an excuse for the main actor to be away for a while and not be part of the case. Some innuendo about something important and new to come maybe……. (Imaginative writing? 😀 )

Because there are not any real story of Steve to share, I will just share a few thoughts about the case of the day. Great to have it set on the Big Island of Hawaii. Interesting idea for a plot, but I still do not understand what value the stolen horse might have had for the breeder who stole it. If you can’t use the name of the horse you are breeding with, why use it to breed with? It just fails to make sense to me. 😕

I must admit that when I saw that beautiful horse running, I could not help but be reminded of Alex Steve’s beauty and athleticism – and it made me miss his presence even more …….. *sigh*  😥

…….. okay, back to the case. I’m a bit disappointed with the chase scene as well, because I thought that surely Kono was going to lasso the guy, before she roped him. 😦 Other than that, the writers really did a good job of having the whole team involved with the case. Danny, Kono and Grover’s faces were priceless in every scene with Max and his old time friend and their rival mystery.

And I have never seen Steve Alex so quiet and uninvolved at a social gathering, like at this Christmas Eve party at Danny’s house. In a sense I can kind of understand why, because he has been through a lot during these past few months and there is no other family member close to him. But maybe he was also contemplating the fact that all his friends are also such loners without other loved ones and family. Danny held the party, with no Amber in sight. Kono, there without Adam by her side. Chin without girlfriend Leilani. Grover there without his wife and kids (the weirdest of all for me). Max without his beloved Sabrina. Duke, seemingly always without a family to call his own. Kamekona and Flippa seems to be outcasts to whatever family they might have. It is great that they are all there for one another and are always together, but truly a sad bunch in my eyes. 😦

If anybody was wondering why the ID shot of Steve in Pua’s book might look familiar, it is a (very badly) photoshopped picture that was originally taken by Valerie Macon at the CBS Premiere party on 16 September 2009. (And also used in the FilmInk AU article in June 2010) Paula did some good research to find the original picture again. 🙂


Most of the fans might already know it by now, but if you were wondering why we saw so little of Steve, Alex took a day or two off from filming to visit Japan with his friend Enson. As far as we could see, it was really a good breakaway for Alex and it surely looked like he had a lot of fun. And we as fangirls enjoyed seeing it just as much. Nobody deserves a good break like that away from the show, more than Alex, I think.

I however thought he would still be in more that just 4 minutes of the 42 minute episode. Especially after most of that 4 minutes of him, was already shown in teasers and promos beforehand?! (Some false advertising maybe?)

Here is the link to our coverage of the fun Alex had on that weekend away. And of course the ‘Hula Hoop’ lessons he gave while he was there: Alex knows his naughty moves …

My thoughts in general:

  • Unfortunate timing for a Steve-light episode, with it falling on the only episode we will see during the course of 5 week over the festive season. Some of us Alex-addicts” need our fix, y’know. 😦
  • If they do give Alex some time off (which he greatly deserves), please don’t make Steve act like an asshole for the small bit that he is there – at least use him to his full potential. (As Paula said yesterday – maybe in the shower or somewhere a little less dressed maybe. 😛 )
  • Maybe don’t use a well-known Christmas song, if you don’t really know its words or don’t want to use all the words from it (it is like leaving out some words from any well-known poem). They could have just faded it after they started to sing, rather than to adapt the words. It only placed unnecessary focus on it (from what I could see from comments about it) – Just my opinion.

Just for some holiday fun……


– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 509 –

Ke Koho Mamao Aku (Longshot)

To be continued here



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