#AlexOLoughlin, Malia and Spike on the set of #H50 – February 2018

Because of limited access to some of the pictures, we have rarely post pictures from the set over the last few months, but the latest pictures from the set, when they filmed tomorrow night’s Hawaii Five-0 episode (8:22), are kind of interesting for a number of reasons.

  • Alex with his wife Malia on set – I really do hope that the fabricated rumours of them ‘not being together’ will just stop now. A number of comments here with us lately and on other social media pages, where fans turn speculation of break-up into their own reality. Nothing is impossible and people do split up and still remain friends, but I have seen no reason at all from the few snidbits we get of their private life, that there is any real solid reason to wonder if whether they are still a happy family together.

  • Alex’s stepson, Spike, is making his Hawaii Five-0 “debut” and will be one of the kids in the episode. And from this picture it seems as if he will have a speaking part. Guess we will have to wait and see.

  • Alex/ Steve climbing a tree – wonder if Steve doing that will also be seen as the “stupidest thing ever on Hawaii Five-0, as some thought Cath/ Michelle climbing a tree was? #justsaying.


Other pictures from Hawaii Isla 808 taken during filming in February …


Hawaii Isla 808

Alex Oloughlin acting filmed at Ala Moana Beach Dr. Alex’s wife Malia and her son. this H50 should be 8×22 this friday night on CBS. there is more coming pics and videos soon this week. Stay Tuned..#h50 #hawaiifive0 #five0 #hawaii50


Video – also from Hawaii Isla on Facebook:


Alex in the tree:

And this picture from Instagram:

ashleyflakekennedy  Chayce with the boys on set! Mahalo Alex and his son Spike for taking the time to hop in the pic too! #studs#luckywelivehawaii#hawaiifiveo#setlife#lovemyjob#h50season8#h50hana#h50#alexoloughlin @mama_rach_patt





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16 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin, Malia and Spike on the set of #H50 – February 2018

  1. gracenotpark

    Awwww! I love seeing them together. Thanks, ladies.

    As to Spike, I hope he had a great time on set.

    And Alex, watch out for that tree!

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  2. AudreyD

    Awesome photos. Wow Spike really grew up. It will be great to see him on the H50.

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  3. alexsluvjan

    Oh..that is awesome about having the family being on set and Spike in the show ..Very Cool .. Oh I see the back tat..Ops…Love it 😉 love the pics..<3

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  4. mamayorkie

    Considering how private Alex is with his family, i was surprised to see Spike there. I can only surmise that the child expressed an interest and Malia was OK with it.

    Also, as far as the tree climbing goes, it makes me happy that this scene occurred after 820 so we don’t have to hear that Cath was just trying to copy what Steve did.

    But having been around this whack-o fandom for some time, it is to be expected that there are some super fans who will rewrite history. They have had two weeks, so it should be enough time for them to have gotten their story together.

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  5. Susan Jobbins

    I think Alex and wife is lovely I hope this rumours r daft what I seen of them they r in love.

    Liked by 4 people

    • It took him forever to get to the point of marriage. And the way he talks about his family…..wow. So smitten (isn’t that one of the most attractive things in a man?!?) So I always hope for more snip bits (non – intrusive kind, like on set of course) of him and his wife. I don’t know why but I kind of melt and go “awwwww”

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  6. Thanks, FOYeur! Lovely to see the family together and happy. At least this should stop the rumours for a time, but I’m afraid it will be only for a time. Bad habits die hard.


    • kathysr

      Alex and Malia look blissfully happy and very married. Spike’s turning into a really handsome young man. There’s a wonderful photo of Malia and Spike heading out to surf on her Instagram. Just mom and son going for a morning surf adventure, shot from behind them. She has some really wonderful photos on her Instagram, so I’m sorry that she stopped posting.

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  7. Thank you Susan, Cassiopea, Kathysr and FOYeur for these beautiful pictures and comments about Alex, Malia and Spike. I am so happy to see them . Alex and Malia look gorgeous and happy !!! YEA!!.

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  8. Lulu

    I know that Alex and Malia like to keep their personal lives private, so I really appreciate these pictures of the family. It looks to me like all’s well at the O’Loughlin/Jones house! YAH! Thank you for these wonderful pics!

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  9. CassG

    This was great seeing Alex and Malia together. To me it appears as if love abounds.❤ Spike is adorable…..a real cutie. Great pics!
    This was a pleasant breath of fresh air from rumor mongering! Thanks much FOYeur!!😊

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  10. AlexOloughlinlover

    They look very happy together and rumors are so stupid this day and time people do it because they have nothing else better to do but cause drama.As for Alex/Steve climbing a tree seems like the Mcgarrett way of getting things done when your favorite kite lands in a tree ha been there done that or have a kite that refuses to fly.


  11. God, I love seeing him being happily surrounded by kids and his family. He gets a really soft edge when posing with kids.


  12. Thank you for this, FOYeur! It had to be done! And because I am by no means polite when it comes to these disturbed rumour creating b/tches: In your face!
    Even better when I get a tattoo peekaboo and the pink beast.
    (BTW, I feel sorry for the little boy second from right, lol. That would be probably me if I had ever the chance to get a pic with Alex.)

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  13. I love these BTS family on set pics. Alex and Malia look so happy and in love. Spike looks like he is enjoying his time with Alex and learning from the best. I’m looking forward to this episode 8.23 tonight.
    Sad that there are still “Jellious so called fans” stirring the rumor pot with nothing in it.
    I only wish Alex, Malia and Family a long loving life in paradise…wherever that may be.


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