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Pic for a day – Mick pouting

There’s a lot of action in the show, and I was wondering if you do your own stunts or if you have a stunt double.
[Alex deepens his voice to a sexy sounding level as if trying to pick up the interviewer and you can just picture him saying it with a wink]
I do my own stunts baby….-TV addict interview 2007

Posting the same Mick twice, because I just couldn´t choose between the backgrounds.


A special notification for Mick/Moonlight lovers out there! If you are not registered on moonlightaholics.com you might want to do so now. I was recently tipped (thank you Jill♥) of a special “members only” thread, that contains some never-before-seen videos of Alex in ML. These dailies (or anything from them) are not allowed to be posted elsewhere, so the gifs I made are only in that thread (there´s shirtless Alex too!). So if you are interested, register, wait till approved by admin and then go to 100% Moonlight, and scroll down to Moonlight extras, members only and enjoy. And give big thanks to Shadow for sharing them :).

Update note, forgot to mention you should click on “board index” if you have trouble finding “100% moonlight”.

I am sure many of you already know about these, but perhaps some will get an early xmas pressie. Now if only there were more of these treats to be found! (drop us a hint if you know about them).




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