#H50 6.16 – #SteveMcGarrett in between blue and green

Clearly the comedy episode this season. Sang Min was just as hilarious as before (pink bathrobe and huge towel turban burnt in my mind now) 🙂 and Grover acting Jamaican from “root to the fruit” was hilarious! 😀 Steve being the cool, calm and perfect in every scene ♥ fun episode with a hint of trouble to come…

New friendship being born





Tiny bit of action



The perfect face




Goodbye to the coolest mullet


Dun-dun-duh! Do you think there will be trouble for Five 0 soon?




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11 responses to “#H50 6.16 – #SteveMcGarrett in between blue and green

  1. Loved the episode! So much better than last season’s comic eppy (the awful Hangover rip off)!!! I’ve always been a Michael Imperioli fan, so it was terrific to see Odell back! Will Yun Lee is always fantastic! Chi breaking out in the Jamaican patois was fantastic! And yes, I think 5-0 is in trouble, but with who? And why?


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    Here comes trouble


  3. Karen

    Love the episode!! The mock court room was funny! Like you said the episode had a bit of comedy, a bit a action and a sit serious stuff. Also a bit of Steve getting wet to save the those people in the container with the help of Chin. I also think that 5-o is in trouble and wait until they fine out who is helping.


  4. gracenotpark

    Loved that underwater rescue! SEAL McG and SEAL-for-a-day Chin! I really love Chin and McG together anyway, so whenever they pair up I’m delighted. ❤ ❤


  5. vanduyn

    Perfect!! Absolutely perfect!


  6. I’m afraid if I were a juror in that court room, I would have been held in contempt for my loud audible GASP as Steve took the witness stand. Holy Hottness that man is a walking wet dream!!
    Really enjoyed this episode. The fact that a murder trial took less than one day, I will choose to overlook. 🙂


  7. kathleen8265

    This epi was all kinds of fun. 😀 Everyone working together on one crime was a plus. Sang Min Soo adds a special kind of “spicy” to the show.
    Now that Odell seems to be back in the “law: saddle I hope this means we’ll see more of him. I like how Alex and Michael play off of each other.
    I too liked the SEAL McG and SEAL-for-a-day Chin action ♥ More Please ♥


  8. l ,loved your commentary Paula, and Ladies I loved your comments on Paula’s commentary.
    Fun episode and I always enjoy “Sang Min” and my 2 favorite “Hotties” working together on the show “Steve” and “Chin”


  9. Nice as always. Glad that Five 0 is trying to figure out who is out to get them. That gives them one up on the feds.


  10. I give the McG stunt double a 9 for the dive. The Chin double gets a 6 for the bent knees. HA! Fun Fun Fun epi.

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