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#AlexOLoughlin hints about Steve McGarrett – February 2016

Alex O’Loughlin hints Steve McGarrett will find love on new sixth series of Hawaii Five-O
Original article here at: News.com.AU
By Holly Byrnes
9 February 2016

WHEN Alex O’Loughlin first rolled up his sleeves as Hawaii Five-O’s handsome crime-fighter, Steve McGarrett, he wasn’t so sure the CBS series would make it as far as this year’s sixth season.

For a start, his co-star Scott Caan made no secret to the media he wanted off the island (it’s hard to get good Italian food in Honolulu, apparently), openly struggling with the culture change.

But fast forward to 2016 and a baby boom which hit the US drama series — including a son born to O’Loughlin and his wife Malia Jones and a daughter for Caan with his girlfriend Kacy Byxbee — has helped make the crime drama one happy family again.

The Team 2011

While it’s been all action for the Hawaii Five-0 team since 2010, O’Loughlin jokes it was all action behind the scenes for a while there too. “We’re all family men now. We had nothing else to do so we said, ‘let’s breed.’ The time has come to sow the Five-0 seed,” he tells Switched On, between takes on the Oahu set.

Factoring in more family time means Caan now films five less episodes each season than O’Loughlin, flying home to Los Angeles, partner Kacy Byxbee and their one-year-old, Josie.

“Funnily enough,” O’Loughlin explains, “Scott wants to be here more than anyone but that comes down to his schedule. He’s got his family now, he gets to go home to see his lady and his little bubba … he’s found his rhythm now, you know.”

Any break the Canberra-born actor gets he spends with his wife, Malia, his teenage son Saxon (from an earlier relationship), her son Spike (with surfer Luke Egan) and the couple’s three-year-old boy, Lion.

Alex & Malia (Honolulu Fashion week) - Picture by Kelli Bullock

The physically demanding role takes a toll on the 39-year-old who admits he’d rather spend his hiatus in hibernation than Hollywood.

“The other cast rush off and are eager to do (movies) but I just want to hang out with my kids, with my dog and my wife and relax. By the time I get to the end of each season, I’m pretty run down … 25 episodes, that’s a lot of TV to do in 10 months. I need to just get my body back, eating and training and catching up on sleep.”

603 (135)

But McGarrett fans should prepare for pulses to race when it comes to his love life this year. And not before time, says O’Loughlin who thinks his character has done it hard in the romance department. “Mate, he’s a mess, poor bastard. The thing is though, he really is a victim of circumstance … it’s not like he’s blowing it,” he says

Still, the path to love won’t run smooth, O’Loughlin hints: “I just think (executive producer Peter Lenkov’s) got these bets going about how long he can torture McGarrett with these women, so we’ll see.”

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My Thoughts

  • Always great to get a new article and some fresh news directly from Alex, but I am going to nitpick a bit.
  • There is nothing in the article that actually says what the title implies that it was about.
  • I do not even know what this sentence mean >>>>But fast forward to 2016 and a baby boom which hit the US drama series — including a son born to O’Loughlin and his wife Malia Jones and a daughter for Caan with his girlfriend Kacy Byxbee — has helped make the crime drama one happy family again. When were they not a happy family at Hawaii Five-0? And how did the two babies help with something that was never wrong?
  • Malia’s ex-husband is Australian surfer Luke Stedman not Luke Egan.
  • I also see one of the pictures in the original article is labeled as ‘McLoughlin’ – oops
  • Interesting that the original article would link a twitter fan account to Alex’s name. Good thing though is that it is one of the reputable fan accounts of devoted fans and not one of those who try to imitate Alex.
  • As usual I think much or most of what Alex said in this interview was tongue-in-cheek stuff.
  • For those who don’t know, “bubba” is Australian slang for baby. And Alex uses it often when he talks about babies.

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A Year In (Hottie) Review…

 Another list Alex were on in 2010 as No 1 AND then in 2011 as No 2
(Click on the dates of each year to see who else made the list)

Made Possible By Pop Culture…

…… so much television coverage it may make *your* eyes bleed…..

2010: A Year In (Hottie) Review…

3 December 2010

2010 kicked off what is soon to be an annual occurrence:
My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture’s Hottie Awards. In looking at categories such as daytime television, primetime television, music, and sports, I brought to you weekly top ten lists of who I (and my readers) thought were the best in the biz. But those were all full of all-time honorees. When considering who was specifically hot this year, the list nearly tripled in size, and needless to say, quite a few that I fought for had to be left off the list. Consider them timeless honorable mentions 🙂
But now I am happy to present to you, on this first of this month’s weekly
Year In Review round-up articles,
The Top Ten Hotties of 2010!
Alex - Season 1
1. Alex O’Loughlin. – A new champion has taken the title and the number one slot! That is truly a memorable moment in history in itself. But even moreso, this is the first year he really caught my eye. I admit I was part of the reason his previous shows may have failed, in that I never gave them the time of day and tuned in. But I am watching now! And the only thing that can rival the beautiful scenery of Oahu in Hawaii Five-0 is this man himself. Whether he’s in a suit, a tight tee, or simply swim trunks.

Hottie Awards: 2011 Hotties…

27 November 2011
What better way to warm up these increasingly cold days than with a stroll down memory lane of the Top Ten Hotties of 2011??
Alex - Season 2
2. Hawaii Five-0 didn’t necessarily get more interesting in the plot developments of the second season, but Alex O’Loughlin’s increasing muscle mass certainly kept us tuned into CBS longer than we expected to. Whether he was in civvies (like tight tee-shirts) or completely shirtless in a random and pretty unnecessary but somehow still fun MMA match, O’Loughlin managed to keep it classy– and never cheesy.


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