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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (23 – 30 January 2016)

Not much information or footage of Alex coming through from the set this week, therefore most of the pictures posted today are some from some time ago. Thank you once again for those of you who are scouring the net to find some of these rare pictures. And also thank you for those who post pictures.

Life on the Set:

    Hawaii Five-O was filming just outside our hotel today. Dad snapped a picture of Alex O’Loughlin (McGarrett).

From Johnny - Alex on set (January 2016)


willyunlee1 Deep conversation on set of @hawaiifive0cbs w/ @danieldaekim & Alex? Nope. Just placing bets on the @thenotoriousmma vs @josealdojunioroficial fight. #h50 @ufc #someoneowesmemoney

From Will Yun Lee - on set(Not 100% sure, but I think this was taken in December 2015, while filming Episode 616)
(Katie is part of the stunt team on Hawaii Five-0)
KatieAccording to all evidence, this must have been taken in September 2011, while filming Episode 206
(Thank you to  Addicted to Alex O’Loughlin  for the find)


catherinehkim Found this gem! Ha first day on set #h50 #tbt

Catherine Haena Kim(Taken on the set in beginning of March 2015, while filming Episode 5:23)

Fan Photos:

braddah_brody I bumped into this handsome guy yesterday! So nice! # kahala #alexoloughlin #five0 #cute #stillcantbelieve
Alex with fan
Daynin Dashefsky on FB

Thank you Egan Inoue for inviting some of our girls over to train and support your Grappling Unlimited’s promotions today. It was an honor to support you all. And thank you Alex O’Loughlin for taking the time to take pics with me and the girls. OSS!

News for the week:

  • According to  Hawaii Five-0 AustraliaHawaii Five-0 Season 6 will premiere on Channel 10 on 19 February at 22h30 EST.

Some Trivia for the week:

The Many Faces Of McGarrett: 😍

Alex & Family or Friends:

simplykaren23 Hanging out with #Dusty until her daddy finishes filming. As you can tell, she’s standing by for him to walk in lol #h50 #hawaiifive0 #lifeofaproductionassistant #fatgirl

Dusty & Karen
 Belt evaluation and ceremony on 30 January 2016:

saikou1 @grapplingunlimited colored belts !!! Honored to be surrounded by these great people !!!! @eganstrainingcenter @eganinoue #grapplingunlimitedhawaii #grapplingunlimited #teamsidecontro

Grappling Unlimited

From Lester Silvestre Gantan

Some fandom laughs of the week:laugh:

  • Social media this week ……. scary how much havoc, the mention of just one fictional character name create.

RT to send a happy belated birthday wish to Chi McBride

Of course Chi already celebrated his birthday in September, so this belated wish from the official Hawaii Five-0 twitter account is REALLY belated.




The words of a fangirl:

My Pet Peeves:

  • I know, I know, I complain A LOT about this, but it is really annoying that CBS persist in having regional blocks on the videos on their site. When will they realise that many fans around the world watch their shows and are interested in it.


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • what does alex o’loughlin eat
  • male oh face


Next Week:

  • If not finished with it yet, they should be finishing up with filming Episode 619 this week and move onto filming Episode 620 for most of the week. Looking forward to see who will venture onto the set this week.




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Interview with #AlexOLoughlin of Hawaii Five-O – Sept 2010

The Guest List talking to Alex at the CBS Premiere Party at The Colony, 16 September 2010

CBS Radio’s The Guest List caught up with Alex to talk about Hawaii Five-O, his role as Detective Steve McGarrett, and the top five things he loves about the island. Hint: It’s deep fried.

110 cl 5

Reporter: Alex O’Loughlin, how are you doing? Hawaii Five-0, very excited for the new show.

Alex: Thank you, me too.

Reporter: So why remake Hawaii Five-0 now? How do you think it is going to be different from the original?

Alex: It is actually … They tried to remake it once before. Did you know that?

Reporter: I did not know that.

110 cl 8

Alex: Yeah, with Gary Busey and a couple of others. I don’t know what happened, but …. It’s a … I think we are ready for it. I mean, I think this is a show, first of all, you get to go to Hawaii once a week. No matter where you live, there’s a lot of people in this country and around the world that live in really cold places a lot of the time and they get to visit Hawaii for an hour every Monday.

But there’s a lot of procedural shows on TV at the moment. There’s a lot shows that are sort of the same as the next one. This is a procedural show, but it is based in character. It’s based … it’s got character, crime and comedy. It’s got incredible action. It’s a great … I think, you know … I think it’s the best show I’ve ever worked on.

110 cl 7

Reporter: You’ve had some experience working, you know, on crime or investigative shows. You know, how’s this one different? How did those shows prep you for this one? Like The Shield that you were on.

Alex: The Shield is very different and I’m not going to bring that into it. I mean it is a cable show first of all, but that was a very, very special experience for me. And that was one of the … I mean, that was real highlight in my career. And I feel to this day humbled and really grateful to have been accepted and taken into that group. Cause that… that’s a special cop show.

This is different man, but … this is a Network procedural cop show, [Some shouting in the background] but it’s …. It’s …. I don’t know what they are yelling next to me. My brain stopped.

It’s a …. You got to just tune it. It’s so … it’s so well balanced. I saw the pilot on … on Waikiki beach with 10 000 people the other night, on a big screen and I realised what we have. And what we have is very special.

110 cl 4

Reporter: And okay, just a last question. We want you to list the top 5 things about Hawaii that you love.

Alex: The people, the mountains, the water, the surf and …. and the …. oh the Malasadas. They are these deep fried donuts.

Link to video


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Adorableness overload – #AlexOLoughlin having fun while filming (BTS on Moonlight)

Alex doing an interview on the set of Moonlight. Added with it, some fun footage of shooting an episode of the show.

presented by Madison Michele from TV Guide Broadband, Hollywood 411.


Madison: Fans of CBS’s sexy new vampire show Moonlight have plenty of drama to sink their teeth into. And it is mostly due to lead actor Alex O’Loughlin, who has really left his mark on the small screen.


Mick’s voice on clip from Moonlight: People don’t react well when they find out that you’re, undead.

Madison: Unless you are Alex O’Loughlin, star of Moonlight on CBS. He was thrilled to get such a meaty part.


Alex: I have been obsessed with the genre since I was a kid. There is a mystique and darkness and a sort of a danger to them.

So I think that is very attractive to a lot of us.


Madison: Fans would agree Alex’s acting and dashing good looks are getting him a lot of attention. But he doesn’t take that part too seriously.


Alex [tongue in cheek]: I have a lot of help looking as good as I do. I just had a cut.

Do you like it? They took an inch or 2 off.


Alex: It is very flattering, but I think it’s funny.


Monica: Modesty aside, Alex’s allure is the staple of this show. That’s why Shannyn Sossamon’s character Coraline made him a vampire in the first place.


Shannyn: There’s just something about him that she really liked and she wanted him.


Alex: Everyone is in a groove now, so I’ve had a moment or two of reflection and it’s … I really like the show we are making.



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Hawaii Five-0 cast at CBS Upfront party – 2010

cbs upfronts 2010

Alex: I mean Hawaii Five-O was a huge ….. a huge success. And it was, you know iconically famous. Everyone in the world knows about it, you know. And it was 1968 to 1980. It was ….. I believe it was the longest running show for CBS. And it was very, very successful and we’ve come back. I mean, there is a reason to remake that show. There are a lot of reasons to remake it and we brought it into the contemporary age.

Grace: So it was kind of like … it was pretty exciting for everyone to be brought in. Some of them like really early on and others kind of later …. later in the mix, and that to know that we all are going to be part of this team together. And this elite federal task force. And it is going to be fun to see it play out with some of the longer character arcs extending over into the seasons. And then … but then every individual episode is going to have your plot being finished with in that one. So you can just tune in any time.

cbs upfronts 2010 2

Alex: That is the important thing about the show, is that people who come late to it or whatever can, you know, it’s not…. You are going to be able to tune in you know, whenever and catch up on everything and know the characters right away. So that’s …
It is action packed, you know. It’s  …. it’s character driven, it’s action packed. It is the 3 C’s, isn’t it? It’s crime, it’s comedy and it’s character, so ..

cbs upfronts 2010 4

Scott: I play a detective from New Jersey, so it works good for me. But I think it is a beautiful place. I think there are worse places we could be at. I think we are all pretty excited to get to spend time out there. And shoot the show there.

Alex: Beautiful part of the world.

Scott: Use that exterior as much as we can. Make the show look beautiful.

cbs upfronts 2010 3


Link to Video

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The serious side of McGarrett through the seasons

The Evolution of the McFrown

Season 6

602 mcg bw b

Season 5

505 mcg bw squint

Season 4

404 mcg bw wr

Season 3

307 mcg bw wr

Season 2

205 mcg angry bw

Season 1

108 mcg bw squint


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