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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 132

We continue our story from here.

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First of all, I really enjoyed watching this episode. It was very entertaining and was built around some great ideas. And the cast did a great job with the material they were given.

This seems to be the season of less action than previous ones and I have seen some comments of fans yearning to have more of the action back. Not sure if they are dialing down on the action because of lack of stunt doubles? I agree that this is a cop show known for its action and that is what regular viewers are looking for, but for me, Steve and the team working together and doing detective work, is the key to the joy of my Five-0 experience.

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The things that I found great in this episode:

  • Although the team did  not all work together every minute, they all worked the same case and were in constant contact with one another. Wonderfully refreshing for me in a season where episodes were mostly about separate and splits case, with no contact between these cases, or all the members of the team. hands
  • The light banter between Steve and Danny was about some silly boy stuff again – friends having fun. It was not the nasty stuff we have had to endure for many episodes. Danny admitting that he loves his women in sexy underwear and Steve’s reaction to it was priceless.

Just for some fun:

  • The banter and the facial expressions shared amongst everybody in the team when the situation called for it. (Like Chin running into Duke the morning after … etc)
  • Grover realising every time that everybody else got favours for Valentines dinner from his golf buddy Chef Morimoto, except him – priceless. :huhuani:
  • I enjoyed carefree and naughty Steve in the couples retreat episode, but I must say that this episode would have been better for me, if we did not have that ridiculous episode and Steve fooling around there at the retreat …..

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  • Mrs Luana Cruz, after being shot, falls seemingly unconscious in a bath filled with water, but weirdly she does not drown? Then she’s got enough strength to get herself out of the bath and onto the flour where she was found the next morning.
  • And also, if she was shot in the chest, why was her head bandaged in hospital?
  • How did they know on which level Mrs Foxton would park,  so that Grover could wait for her there? And why did he need to be there to see her arrive? And how did she magically know where Laura Cruz was after only asking for her husband?
  • Laura was found on the morning of 15 Feb, but strangely enough she was admitted to the hospital on the 14th according to her hospital chart?
  • Is it customary for sales people in a Victoria Secret store to walk around in the underwear they sell? Yikes.
  • At the end of the episode it is the 16th, but Jerry says that he and his online friend is meeting and doing the ‘Valentine’s day‘ thing – 2 days late? (BTW, I think Meredith and Jerry is a nice match).
  • I hope Danny was just talking nonsense and joking, because he said that he was awake for 56 hours. My question would be why would he have been awake  since around midnight between the 13th & 14th and never slept again?
  • And the orange make-up covering the gecko tattoo when Alex becomes Steve seems to be back. I think we should start the campaign to #FreeTheGecko again!

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Just to bring some perspective to certain aspects:

  • Danny & Amber/Melissa have known each other for 2 years now. They have been sleeping together since around April 2014 …. People being that long in a relationship and thinking that if you hear the words “I love you” will make what you have more real?? How long does it take a person to love someone you sleep with and are faithful to? *dontknow*
  • What kind of a friend is Ellie for Steve and Lynn, if she did not tell Lynn about Cath and what happened before she introduced the two? If she was a real friend (two both) Lynn would have known exactly who Cath was for Steve and how serious they were. (Just on a sidenote, they say if you really loved somebody it will take you a period of half the time you were together to get over it. This means Steve still have a long way to go to forget Cath)
  • Max and Sabrina met each other in December 2012 – that means they have been a couple for the past 3 years.
  • Mrs Grover, if you don’t know your man by now, you will never know him at all. #JustSaying. And since when is it just the man’s duty to do anything on Valentine’s day. What did Mrs Grover do for him? And then by throwing him out, she only punished herself as well – having to spend Valentine’s evening alone. Their story was great fun to watch, but it did not make sense to me at all? It looked like a lose-lose situation to me.


  • The mention of Cath clearly shows that her character is still a factor in the show. The question however remains, will she just be mentioned and play some role somewhere through mentions, or are there any plans at all to bring her back. My guess is the first. The writers know how many fans of the character there are, and I guess they will string that story along with no real intention of closure. WAAH
  • Abby pitched up to work with Five-0 for a couple of weeks to see how a special task force works – that was 3 months ago! What is she still doing in Hawaii? :scratchhead:

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  • I guess Lynn must have done LOTS of ‘gentle loving care‘  for Steve, to make up for that accident with the shoe and the injury to the eye.  https://i0.wp.com/www.picgifs.com/smileys/smileys-and-emoticons/kisses/smileys-kisses-765811.gif NO wonder Steve was walking on air the whole next day with a silly grin on his face. It looks like, that of all of them, Steve must have had  the best romantic Valentine’s weekend in the end.  One filled with a lot of pleasure and fun. And I am sure Steve will be asking “Barry White” favours from Lynn as penance from that eye injury, for a long time to come still. Just look at that grin on his face as he ceremoniously places that cold beer bottle on the eye ……. And contrary to what his friend Danny implied with the whole sea-lion story, Steve must have some great romantic moves in order to keep such a sexy girl interested to come back, even after a rebound scare.

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As some of our regular readers might have guessed, I would be interested in the timeline of this story. With all my comments about it on previous episodes, I was greatly impressed with the care given to have the team in different clothes for the different days during this episode ……. up untill I noticed something about it, and actually looked at the timeline just to find my disappointment at the end.

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I just had to do it…….

(This was compiled from all the times and dates given throughout the episode)

13 Feb – between 10h00 and 12h00Tessa Foxton shoot and kill Jack Cruz. His wife reports him missing the next day.

14 Feb – Morning: Lynn who seemingly spend the night at Steve’s, come out of the bathroom naked and ask Steve for one of his shirts to wear. She finds Cath’s ring and they have the ring argument. It ends with her leaving. Although they talk it though somewhere during the day and still spend Valentine’s evening together.

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14 Feb – Somewhere during the day: Grover and Chef Morimoto plays golf and Grover realises he forgot what day it was.

14 Feb – Later that day: Grover gets home with chocolates and flowers and Renee Grover ‘locks’ him out of the house (still during daytime). He goes to McGarrett and finds darkness. Then to Danny and found Danny “playing”charades (somewhere after 20h00). He then goes to a motel and spends the night there, alone.

14 Feb – Evening (around 19h00): Mrs. Cruz shoot herself while struggling with Michael Foxton for the gun that she wanted to use to kill him with. As events play out the next day, my guess is that he went home and confessed to his wife about what happened. She then gave him his “fake” heart medication.

14 Feb – Evening: Chin and Abby share a romantic dinner at Morimoto’s and then go to the hotel Kahala, where her conscience haunts her and she runs out.

14 Feb – Evening: Steve and Lynn eat in the private room at Morimoto’s and go to Casa McGarrett, where she tries to do a striptease for him, but hit him with a shoe in the eye instead …..

15 Feb – Morning (around 8h00): Steve, together with Danny, pitches up at the crime scene with a black eye. Grover arrive there with his blue ‘Grimace’ suit. Once there, Chin tells them that Luana was found barely alive an hour before (that would be about 12 hours after she was shot)

15 Feb – Morning (around 11h00): Chin & Kono arrive at Intensive Care where they meet Duke. They ask for evidence from the comatose  Mrs Laura Cruz to be collected. And the report come in very quickly, because from it they realise that Mrs Cruz must have shot herself in a struggle.

15 Feb – Somewhere in the morning: Steve and Danny interrogate the prostitute whose fingerprints were found in the “Pay-Per-View” house. She informs them that she was not with Mr Cruz, but someone else who bought her a Victoria Secret bra as a present.

15 Feb – Somewhere in the morning after 11hoo: With no real explanation of who directed them there, Chin and Kono visit the crime scene where Mr Cruz’s body was found – more than 2 days after he was shot (the body looking quite good for somebody that got shot such a long time ago).

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15 Feb – around 13h00: Chin & Kono visit Max who already finished doing the autopsy of Mr Cruz.

15 Feb – somewhere in the afternoon: They follow the only clue they have to the mysterious man who was there when Mrs Cruz shot herself – they go to the Victoria Secret store to find who purchased the bra.

15 Feb – Somewhere during the afternoon: They go to pick up the bra buyer, Michael Foxton at his house. It seems like he told his wife what happened the previous night, because she tries to cover for him while he attempts to run away for Five-0. During their interrogation he suffers a heart attack. (Weirdly Steve start performing CPR before even feeling for a pulse) And they take him to hospital, without even calling his wife to tell her about it …..

15 Feb – Later that afternoon: Jerry makes the connection between the two couples. The two women knew each other. He suggests that it is the very well know (and used in many other shows) scenario of one person committing murder on behalf of another in return for the same favour for them. At the hospital they also realise that Michael’s wife never gave him the correct medicine, hence the heart attack. They also have no evidence of Tessa’s guilt and they need to set a trap for her.

15 Feb – Later that afternoon: Steve and Danny go to wife Tessa to tell her that her husband suffered a heart attack and to set the trap by telling her that Mrs Cruz is alive and regained consciousness and will be able to tell her story soon…..

And here things get totally weird for me?

In my experience a spouse would immediately rush to hospital to visit their husband who just suffered a heart attack. AND even more so, someone who committed murder and knew that the person who knew that they were the guilty one, and can now tell people about it, would move quickly to silence that person ……. but not Mrs Foxton. She waits all night and then makes her move the next morning. And even weirder, it seems that the team knew that that will be her move 😕

16 Feb stake out – From around 7h15 to 7h37 (The duration of the episode while they tell their stories):  And interestingly enough the team all went home and changed clothes and then after a night of doing whatever I don’t know, camped at the respective spots for the stake out to catch Mrs Foxton red-handed. Why this delay …….. ?

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For me in the end Steve’s story about his Valentine’s day and the “Panda” eye was the most real. Why do I say that? Things do go wrong when you try to do sexy stuff like Lynn did with the striptease. And to get a black eye happens so fast and to explain it, is sometimes kind of difficult. 

I enjoy the Steve that we see with Lynn very much. I really do hope that they will give her something good to do in future. We don’t need to see her all the time, but it will be good to hear about her at times and then when we see her again, at least give her a good story …….

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And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:14

Hoa ‘inea’ (Misery Loves Company)

Written by: Matt Wheeler

Directed by: Peter Weller

To be continued …….



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