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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (22 – 27 February 2016)

Another week of no new footage of Alex filming. I guess he has been out of town for part of the week, as we gather from the picture of him from a flight attendant on Wednesday (Not sure if he was flying to Honolulu ot to LA). We however have no news of any events that took him to LA this week.


Life on the Set:

  • Picture taken in December, when this Friday’s episode was filmed.

willyunlee1 This dudes got my back in the next episode of @hawaii50cbs #alexoloughlin #Photobombed #SangMin #h5

On set in December 2015 for Episode 616

  • Picture from the set of The Back-Up Plan, posted this week by the actor in the picture with Alex and Jennifer.

manosgavras #tb #onset #filming #la #nyc #jlo #alexoloughlin

Alex & Jen with Manos Gavras

Fan Photos:

roydlucca #alexolaughlin #hawaii50 #honolulu #bookemdanno

Alex with Roy DLucca

roydlucca Thanks for the positive comments everyone! I’m pleased to say he was very gracious and accomodating. Spent a lot of time talking to the crew throughout the 5 hour flight and was just a nice guy. Definitely one of the most positive celebrity encounters I’ve ever had.

Something Pretty from other fans:

From Sabrina

Alex & Friends or Family:

bellatormma The Natural @xcnatch and @hawaiifive0cbs star Alex O’Loughlin rockin’ their new #BellatorMMA hoodies! Head over to BellatorShop.com get your very own!

Alex and Randy

Some fandom laughs of the week:laugh:

Bryna posted a few of these funny’s for Mark’s birthday on 26 February and they were all very funny

The words of a fangirl:


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • is alex o’loughlin a navy seal in real life


Just shows you, Alex becomes his characters. People think it is real.

  • alex o’loughlin tattoo in feed


Next Week:

  • Just a reminder that this Friday there will be no new episode of Hawaii Five-0 as the next new episode (617) will only be broadcast on 11 March.
  • They should be moving on to filming of Episode 622 this week.

Some artwork from Paula




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