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#AlexOLoughlin on The Early Show – April 2008

Alex with Maggie Rodriguez on the Early Show on 21 April 2008 as promotion for the restart of Moonlight later that week. A usual I hope you enjoy the beautiful Alex and Mick pictures we have here

Maggie: But here at CBS we have our own hero, Mick St John the vampire private eye on the hit show Moonlight. When we last saw Mick he had taken a cure that made him mortal. And now he’s living his human life to the fullest.

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[They show a clip from Moonlight, Episode 13]

Maggie: Alex O’Loughlin is here. Good morning.

Alex: Good morning.

Maggie: This is water, not blood.

Alex: Okay, I was having a look at that earlier.

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Maggie: So in the first episode after the strike, which is airing on CBS

Alex: This Friday.

Maggie: This Friday. Do we find out whether you stay human or go back to being a vampire?

Alex: You do. You do.

Maggie: Ah.

Alex: Interesting what happens. I can’t tell you, obviously.

Maggie: I know, no spoilers.

Alex: It’s worth tuning in. It’s going to be great.

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Maggie: But now that your character is human. Maybe that kind of opens the door for a relationship between you and the reporter? Which, you know …. could get steamy.?

Alex: Yes, that’s right. She …. She’s like … puts an ultimatum on him. She’s like, “Are we dating or what?” So Mick … yeah, we start dating. It’s cool.

Maggie: What can we expect from this relationship?

Alex: You can expect …. We have four brand new episodes coming … coming to CBS now. You can expect … you can expect to see an immortal who hasn’t dated in sort of 60 years, deal with dating in the modern world. You know and ….. and whether or not this relationship between these two is going to go further than it has yet.

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Maggie: When you first heard about the opportunity to play a vampire, what did you think?

Alex: Well, you know, all through my childhood I was … I’ve always been obsessed with the genre and with these creatures. I don’t know why, just something the … the way they move through the … through the world kind of. They’re untouchable and no one knows about them. They’re mythical and they’re sensual and they’re powerful. And they live forever. And so I think I always knew how to play… how to play a vampire. I think I always wanted to as well. So when it came up, I was like, “Ah, I know this guy”.

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Maggie: It’s the, you know, the freshmen season. A lot of people still haven’t discovered Moonlight. Besides the obvious …. ‘cos I mean look at him. Give me one great reason to watch Moonlight.

Alex: [Laughs] Um, one great reason? Look it’s a show; I think it’s a great show. It’s got everything. It’s got everything from … I mean it’s got romance for the girls, it’s got action for the guys, it’s got great drama for everyone across the board. And it’s not a kiddie’s show. There’s sort of a bit of blood and a bit of violence and stuff from time to time. But it’s terrific. And it’s based …. It’s based in really good storytelling. So I really enjoy watching it.

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Maggie: And it’s got, Alex O’Loughlin.

Alex: It does.

Maggie: Thank you so so much. Be sure to catch Moonlight Fridays at nine right here on CBS. Watch, or Alex will come suck all your blood.

Alex: [Laughs]

Maggie: Up next …. That might not be so bad.

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