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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (15 – 22 February 2016)

Not many new pictures this week, but thank you to those who have posted some this week.

Life on the Set:

  • Nobody posted any new pictures from the Hawaii Five-0 set this week. Sharing one of my favourite Moonlight set pictures from 2007.

Alex on the set of Moonlight (Picture from @Mymaximus)

Fan Photos:

islandscoopshi Detective Steve McGarrett popped in for some mochi ice cream this morning! #IslandScoops #mochiicecream #Honolulu #Hawaii #HawaiiFive0 #oahu #icecream #desserts
Alex - at Island Scoops


News for the week:

Good news is that Royce Gracie won his fight. 🙂

Some Trivia for the week:


Something Pretty from other fans:

  • Remember you can get more screencaps of the new episode posted by Silvia here in the tweet link:


Alex & Friends or Family:

jilldexter Watching the @Bellator fights with these silly cats. Thank again #alexoloughlin for hosting. It was an epic night. Wish I could say that about the fights lol. @franktrigg @xcnatch @iheartmindy #h50 #ohana #hawaii #hof

Alex hosting his friends for fight night(Not sure who found this picture I think it might be – Thank you. )

The words of a fangirl:


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • did alex o’loughlin and jennifer lopez get along in real life during making of their film

Alex & JenIn each and every interview alone and together that I have seen and posted of them, you could see that there was a good friendship between Alex and Jennifer and that they got along very well while making and promoting the film.

  • boy carrying girl in arms romantic

Next Week:

  • I guess they will be moving onto filming Episode 622 this week.
  • And remember to catch the new Episode 616 on Friday.

Alex - May 2010




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