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#AlexOLoughlin On The Red Carpet at the AIF Awards – 2010

A short clip of an interview with Alex on the red carpet at

the Australian In Film Awards on 13 May 2010

Reporter: Now, you are one of the rare Australian actors who hasn’t come up through Neighbours’ or Home and Away’ or anything like that. How did you do it? Like what tips would you have for people?

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Alex: Well they wouldn’t have me, unfortunately – Neighbours’ and Home and Away’. But I went to school.

I went to NIDA in Sydney and that was really ……. and that was incredible for me. I needed to do that.

And …. Tips, I don’t know. Get in there and do your best, you know. And stay here. That’s the thing. I came back and forth for a number of years, but when I came here and stayed here, it sort of made a big difference.




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