Why we are proud fans …….. #AlexOloughlin

It is great to be a fan of this man…… many people who meet and work with him, say such wonderful heartwarming things about him! 😀

Alex and Braddoc DeCaires

Braddoc on Facebook: Alex O’Loughlin and me. He’s a really cool guy and stopped to take a pic with me. P.S. I love his real accent.

Braddoc played a small role on last night’s Hawaii Five-0: Episode 3:13.

(Thank you to Hawaii Five-0 Australia  for posting the link to Braddoc’s FB page)


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9 responses to “Why we are proud fans …….. #AlexOloughlin

  1. Damn right!!! Men or women – whoever meets him only has good things to say!
    And you know what’s the worst? Everybody I know who has met him says that he is even better looking in real… oh my…


  2. Yes i love that all the people that work with him or even just meet him say he is a really nice person!


  3. I love when men have the same opinion as us, fangirls. Yes, Alex is cool guy and we all love his aussie accent.


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  5. Ditto to all comments. Alex is THE BEST !!!


  6. gracenotpark

    Bing-damn-O, Baybees! Very proud of our Alex! 😀


  7. buttercup4u

    I so would love to see him in person, … if only he would come to S and try our chocolate and organic cheese 😉


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