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Does Steve need a new ride?

I have no idea how TV sponsorship works. All I know is that we see products displayed in Hawaii Five-0, because they sponsor the show and their names appear for a fleeting moment near the end of the credits. It seems that Hawaiian Airlines has been the constant sponsor for every episode of the show since the Pilot episode.

As accommodation sponsor, Hilton Hotels & Resorts were listed on some episodes since Season 1 and full-time for Season 2 and 3. It changed to Hilton Worldwide in the beginning of Season 4. And from what I can see, they are no longer a sponsor of the show and have been replaced by Kyo-Ya Hotels and Resorts LP, since the beginning of Season 5.

With so many phone calls, communication and computer work, it is kind of easy to think that a computer company like Microsoft would sponsor the show. It however seems that they only sponsor some episodes. I do not know how much exposure their products need, for them to sponsor an episode? 🙂

Then because it is a cop show, they of course need cars to transport them and to have for those crazy car chases and of course to have the “world-famous” carguments in. Again, I have no idea of how it works, because the cars are more or less constant in the show. General Motors Corporation was listed as a sponsor for some episodes in the early days and then they became a constant sponsor for Season 2, 3 and 4. I know that the cars were also on display at some of the SOTB evenings, but I am not sure if they were there every year? Maybe the regular SOTB fans can help us out with that one? But I did not see them there this year, I think…..

I started to notice something else. With some shots, the Chevy sign is missing on Steve’s truck. At first I thought it might be a coincidence, but it looks like it is gone for good now. The same with Danny’s Camaro – the Chevy sign in the front is missing. And suddenly since the beginning of Season 5, Chin is driving a classic car without explanation…..

All those clues made me wonder and I decided to do an intense study into the sponsors on the credits of the show, and low and behold it seems that GM is no longer a sponsor. For Episode 501 and 503 they are just listed as, “Promotional consideration furnished by General Motors” and for the rest they are no longer there. How and why this came about that Hilton and GM withdrew or did not renew their sponsorships with the show, I do not know. And how that will influence the future of the show, only time will tell……

We thought to have some fun and to find a new car for Danny Steve, to give him something nice to drive. 😀 So I let Paula do what she does so well – PLAY with Alex/Steve and match his gorgeousness with some hot rides…..and maybe new sponsors might appear with a little help from us 😉


What do you think, which one looks best on Steve?

1. Steve going old-fashioned retro with Mick’s Merc


2. Steve’s off road ride, a seriously cool VW.


3. Steve adding value to Maybach.


4. Steve showing off some bad-ass Hummer wheels.

hummer hx

5. S€xy Steve, with a sporty Audi ride








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