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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #103

We continue our story from here

There is not a lot happening in the progress of Steve’s story during this episode, so I will just share a few of my random thoughts……

When I saw the promo pictures for this episode, I thought “Oh yeah, some fun!”. I thought Steve and Ellie were going to be seen training together, while in fact that picture was just Alex, showing Mirrah how to move during the boxing scene. 😦

Alex & MirrahI know that the show needs to create some “away from work” moments, that gives the team personal lives. I love it, because it gives them deeper character. But I must admit the “boxing” (sparring) workout between Steve and Ellie did not do it for me. Maybe it is because I am a big sports fan, but not a big boxing fan. And on top of that, men hitting women for fun, is not really my scene. It kind of feels like Season 5  Steve is an alternate universe Steve and that somewhere along the line we will all wake up to be reunited with the character we know and love. 😥

Back to Steve’s story……..

So Steve’s surrogate sister Ellie wants to set him up for a date with one of her drop-dead gorgeous friends, Jes.

This must surely mean something – here is a selection of choices:

  1. Ellie doesn’t like boys herself? (Maybe H5-0 is developing their first gay character?)
  2. Ellie is already involved with another man. (That would be an interesting twist)
  3. Ellie sees Steve purely as a brother. ( John was a surrogate dad to her, and she therefore sees Steve as a brother)
  4. Ellie and John ended up being more than just friends to each other before he died. (She sees Steve as her lover’s son and not really as boyfriend material. 😀 )
  5. Ellie is cunning and is testing the water to see where Steve’s mind is at, about relationships. (Is he ready to move on to her?)

Maybe we should give y’all a chance to say what you think it is:

As usual the Steve-pretty and Alex being Steve, made it all worth while to watch. I hope you enjoy all the gorgeous Steve pictures Paula made for us to enjoy! 😛

Okay, then there is something else that puzzled me. Paddy Fitzgerald. I am kind of sure I hear Danny saying Paddy (and not Patty) twice and Steve says it once. I always thought Paddy is a male name. Did Danny’s aunt set him up on a date with a man? Is that why he calls it, “A colossal mistake”? Did Danny’s family think he is gay? 😀

Some Steve trivia….

If anybody wondered what I meant in our New Year´s post about the shirts – this is what I meant:

  • Steve is wearing his brown fuddy-duddy shirt, then he and Danny puts on Kevlar and drive to investigate the suspect´s house. For that he puts on his blue T-Shirt under his Kevlar. When they return to the office he changes back into the brown shirt. In ‘real life’ and when he is in a hurry – would he have time to change shirts every time he needs to put on Kevlar?
  • And if he does have to change his shirts – why not show it to us sometimes? We have to look at Mindy’s cleavage and see Kono in her skimpy outfits – why not the men? It brightens up the crappiest stories, if we see some skin (by Steve) once in a while. As I have said so many times before – this is Hawaii! Use all the ‘talents’ at your disposal. 😛


I liked that they tried something different with the old school noir narrative – connected and combined with an old school detective in the story. One of my first memorable experiences of this style of story telling, was Warren Beatty’s ‘Dick Tracy‘ in 1990. And of course both William Forsythe (who plays Harry in this episode) and James Caan, were members of the star-studded cast in that movie.

Harry: No matter what they tell you, time doesn’t heal all wounds. When someone you love is ripped from your life, that scar stays with you forever. But the one bright light in all the darkness, is knowing that men like Steve McGarrett is out there. Making sure the good guys always come out on top.

Some further thoughts about the episode itself and Hawaii Five- in general.

  • I found it a good solid procedural episode. The stuff that Hawaii Five-o is made of. One of the better episode of Season 5. But there were a few things that boggled my mind….
  • Why did the ME not realise the time of death scenario before Danny told her? She is the one informing him about the time of death in both cases, why did she not realise that the guy died before the girl?
  • I really get the feeling that once again (like it was with Cath) that as soon as Grover joined the Five-0 team, there are no more real stories for him? 😦
  • How did Steve know that the girlfriend, Erica Young, served at a ‘100 miles an hour‘? Not sure if I missed something somewhere?
  • Maybe I have ‘exceptionally’ good hearing 😀 , but I heard that it was a dripping tap, even before they isolated the sound. 🙂

These were just a few of the things I giggled about, while enjoying Alex………..

510 (56)

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 510 –

Wawahi moeʻuhane (Broken Dreams)

To be continued here



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