H50 5.13 – Steve´s boo-boos and trust issues

This was an exciting epi in a long time. That wrecking ball gave a good big-bang start for this action packed story. Very well timed too 🙂

But they should have had Steve jump in the water to spice up our wet daydreams 😉


Just a curious note, Alex is wearing a skin coloured bandage on his arm since the car wreck. I didn´t notice it till today, but it is on his right arm all the time till they get him the white one for Steve. What do you think, did Alex get hurt for real? I would understand if it was just for that car wreck scene, but it is still on when he is on the bike and comes to the van. We will be looking for some scar in the next episode 🙂


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25 responses to “H50 5.13 – Steve´s boo-boos and trust issues

  1. vanduyn

    Awesome gifs! I was wondering that about the bandage too


  2. buttercup4u

    Did anyone think that the opening scene looked just like the Pilot when Steve comes “home” to Hawaii at the beginning, I had a serious déja-vu!! The camera just made the same shots on Joe!


  3. TY for your episode’s review in gifs. Now i’m looking forward to read Foyeur’s review of Steve story.


  4. Why is bloody battered Steve so HOT?! Maybe it’s his constant display of virility and his miraculous healing capabilities. 😉 Hopefully that stupid over shirt he had to peal off, doesn’t make it. I’m sure he has another at home. :/
    Just watched the episode this morning. I too would like to thank wardrobe. The tight tee and pants with all those zippers and “lumps” …mmmmm! Foy fitting pants in a lighter color to enhance our viewing pleasure. 😛
    Loved the anger face gif! Flared nostrils!! And I know we all get tired of him in blue, but that baby blue button down in the last gif makes his eyes so dreamy. If Steve must wear a shirt, I vote for only button downs or v neck tees for him, so we can savor the hollow of his neck and peekaboo chest hair. YUM!
    One last thought/complaint…why did we have to see JOE in a hospital gown with his legs spread?! UGH! I take back part of my thank you to wardrobe. 😉


    • buttercup4u

      I loved that baby blue button down and all his facial expressions during his conversation with Joe, Alex really rocked that scene in the end, and hearing his frkn hot voice through the microfon was arrrrr***
      I wish these tan pants would have been more thight….
      Did he got more beefy in the last few eps?


    • I loved this episode, the finally address some of the issues from 5×07 Steve banged up is always a pleasure (and extremely hot beyond belief a long side the usual tight trousers and t-shirts which always reveal the bumps in all the right places although I much preferred his v-neck t-shirts for the reasons lurxgirl pointed out above).

      The story was spooky to me as it’s well within the realms of possibility. also loved the role reversal at the end when Steve was getting upset with Joe for doing something dramatic (and stupid) and Danny rightly pointed out he would of done exactly the same thing Joe did

      Thanks obliging us Paula with the pretty Gifs of Alex/Steve (and I will be around here more often as i’ve been busy lately and missed you all :D)


  5. debras57

    Never noticed the bandage until you posted on it. My thoughts were he grabbed some stuff to wrap Joe’s wound, maybe he grabbed some tensor to put over his wound until he got medical help. The blood is coming over the top of the brown bandage. There is a wound on his arm I noticed while he is lying in the truck and trying to get out. Now is that wound for real as you mentioned due to the stunt going awry, or is it written in and the bandage too?


    • Well Foyeur has been studying the pics after this episode, and there seems to be a scar on his right arm, where the bandage was. So Alex did get a real booboo on his arm 😦


  6. Colleen

    I agree wth you girls. This episode was really good and I loved the clothes Alex wore this time. Also, Lurxgirl. U r so right they should only let he wear button down or v neck shirts. I would only add that he could wear a tux too. Great pictures paula. 🙂


  7. Am I the only one who was bored by this episode? Joe White? Yawn, same old same old, still no answers. I want my carguments with Danny and Steve back. I want some shirtless Steve (what can I say I am shallow) 😉 and I want some real story answers. I want more Danny too, Sadly, I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon. I find myself only watching for Alex now as there is no real story value anymore. So bring on the hotness if you aren’t going to give us story. The only thing I liked about last night was Kono being sad because of what could have happened to Steve,


  8. lindae5o

    This was another really good episode with an exciting COTW. Alex/Steve was sizzling hot !!! Rowwr !! Mr. Action Man !! No one does injured but unstoppable, better than Steve. Steve knows better than to trust Joe, who simply does not know how to be truthful when it comes to Doris. Notice how the script repeated practically word for word from an earlier episode, to the effect: ‘if Doris does not want to be found, she won’t be’.
    When Joe drove the truck into the water, I actually thought he might die. Pretty desperate measure to avoid talking to Steve !! LOL


  9. I loved this episode and think Joe White is just an enigma and a plot device for Doris’s plotline. I also think even tho’ the trust is wearing VERY thin between them they really do have a great deal of affection for each other. Their HIStories are so intertwined and they have been through so much together looking forward to seeing how they wrap this up.@@ i think their is more between Doris and Joe than is being let on —–YET !!!
    And to Paula and FOYeur MAHALO for a perfect post and gorgeous gifs


  10. debras57

    I still think that Joe is Steve’s real dad. That Doris played around with Joe and never told John. He is so close to Steve in many ways even to keeping Doris posted on things.


    • I often thought that too. Either that or they have something now…what I find odd…is that over the “years” (on the show) it is mentioned that Joe worked with the CIA (hence the man Steve went to see after finding Wo-Fat’s mom)…I thought Joe was strictly Navy and a SEAL teacher…how does he become connected to the CIA while still active?

      I enjoyed this episode and liked how Steve turned the tables so to speak and is keeping tabs on Joe. I think that they are doing their best to incorporate all characters. I read Danny will have an upcoming episode where he gets into trouble while with Amber (they’re on another island) and Steve comes to help him.

      I hope Alex’s wound wasn’t too bad but trying to cover the “orange” bandage was a mistake it should’ve just been plain gauze and it might’ve been better hidden.


  11. I think it’s very possible that was Alex hurt … I bet he was doing stunts himself and that was the consequence


  12. buttercup4u

    I absolutely love the gifs you made with him running and getting rid of the kevlar, and I was like yeaahhhh and now the shirt too, but … sadly, but hey, don’t we just love his boops when he is running, adorable 😉


  13. debras57

    Hey Paula, how do I contact you privately.


  14. Lee Ann

    I really liked this episode, since still recovering from that hideous “holiday” show. It had a strong storyline and most of the cast was there. Those guys are really tough on cars, good thing they have an auto sponsor. Think ‘Danny’ is rather rude and quite sarcastic when he speaks to ‘Steve’, even though they are such great pals. Guess that is why ‘Danny’ is not a favorite of mine (script writers?). Hope Alex heals quickly. What a doll!


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