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Alex O’Lachlan terrified of fame – June 2005

Alex O’Lachlan is touted as one of Australia’s most talented up-and-coming actors but says he’s “absolutely terrified” by the thought of fame. The 28-year-old recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a film career and is in Australia this week to promote his latest feature film, Oyster Farmer. O’Lachlan has the lead role in the Australian film, playing the character of Jack Flange.

 Australia Associated Press (General News)


16 June 2005,

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Jack -

“Losing my anonymity in this world I think is something that I find terrifying,” O’Lachlan said in Sydney today. I am a very private person. I have my life and I have my family, which mean the world to me.” But unfortunately for O’Lachlan, fame is something he must consider as part of the business. “Fame, for all intense and purposes, is not something that I aspire to,” he said. “I certainly aspire to art. That is why I am involved in this craft. I love doing what I’m doing and I’m so grateful to be working.”

Jack in Oyster Farmer

Oyster Farmer marks the directorial debut of Anna Reeves. It stars feature film newcomer Diana Glenn alongside veterans Jack Thompson, David Field and Kerry Armstrong. In it, Flange moves from Sydney to work in a small oyster-farming community on the Hawkesbury River. The story follows Flange’s story of trying to fit into the community where he develops a relationship with Pearl (Glenn) and a strong friendship with the local oyster farmers.

Jack & Pearl

“The film moves at the pace of life on the Hawkesbury River,” O’Lachlan, who has seen the film four times, said. It is an honest to life, romantic comedy. It is a fantastic actors piece.” One of the most difficult aspects of making the film was a love scene between Jack and Pearl, O’Lachlan said. “There is nothing intimate about a sex scene at all,” O’Lachlan said. “You have got 30 people standing around and there is a camera between your legs and there are lights and make-up girls looking at your bum to make sure you haven’t got too much shine. If I never did another one, that would be just fine.”

Jack & Pearl on the pier

O’Lachlan will take time out to spend with his family in Australia before heading back to Hollywood later this month. He is represented by International Creative Management (ICM) in the US and has been auditioning for a series of major roles, along with supporting parts. His rugged good looks mean that he is being compared to the likes of Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe and Heath Ledger. I am getting sent for the leading men’s roles but I am just doing my best because there are so many leading men out there, he said.

Oyster Farmer, which screened as part of the Sydney International Film Festival this week, opens nationally on June 30, 2005.


My Thoughts

  • Once again a reminder to those readers that might not know, Alex used the surname O’Lachlan at  the time of Oyster Farmer.

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