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H50 5.13 – Steve´s boo-boos and trust issues

This was an exciting epi in a long time. That wrecking ball gave a good big-bang start for this action packed story. Very well timed too 🙂

But they should have had Steve jump in the water to spice up our wet daydreams 😉


Just a curious note, Alex is wearing a skin coloured bandage on his arm since the car wreck. I didn´t notice it till today, but it is on his right arm all the time till they get him the white one for Steve. What do you think, did Alex get hurt for real? I would understand if it was just for that car wreck scene, but it is still on when he is on the bike and comes to the van. We will be looking for some scar in the next episode 🙂


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Why we are proud fans …….. #AlexOloughlin

It is great to be a fan of this man…… many people who meet and work with him, say such wonderful heartwarming things about him! 😀

Alex and Braddoc DeCaires

Braddoc on Facebook: Alex O’Loughlin and me. He’s a really cool guy and stopped to take a pic with me. P.S. I love his real accent.

Braddoc played a small role on last night’s Hawaii Five-0: Episode 3:13.

(Thank you to Hawaii Five-0 Australia  for posting the link to Braddoc’s FB page)


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