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#H50 Stars Dish on the Future, Fatigue, and Family – March 2013

 Hawaii News Now visited the set of Hawaii Five-0 on 27 March 2013, while they were shooting Episode 3:21. Specifically the scene where they captured Wo Fat for the 2nd time, after they shot down his helicopter.

This is article on their page and the video that they broadcasted on the news.

Hawaii News Now 

Tannya: Locked and loaded, Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0 is a go.

Alex: I love my job. Look at where I live, you know.

Tannya: We visited the stars recently on location at Kualoa Ranch.

Daniel Dae Kim:  Every time I get a chance to shoot here, I love it

Tannya: Racing the rain to shoot action scenes.

Tannya: It can be a pretty messy job out here, acting on location for Hawaii Five-0. It started with some Hawaii showers, that has become a muddy mess.

Daniel Dae Kim This is nothing. I did 6 years on Lost. This is nothing.

Alex HNN - March 2013

Tannya: Five-0 has a grueling 24 show season schedule, and physical 12 hour days.

Daniel Dae Kim:  This is now my 9th year in a row on television and I would say I’m learning stamina in a way that I haven’t before.

Tannya: For Alex O’Loughlin, it’s a balancing act, juggling the demands of the job with the demands of being a new dad.

Alex: As soon as I go home, I forget about the business.

Tannya: Don’t believe it?

Alex: What’s that?

HNN - Alex

Tannya: You don’t believe your own hype?

Alex: I don’t even know what my own hype is.

Alex on HNN

Tannya: You have such an incredible fan base, you’re a sex symbol.  Does your family ground you? I mean that goes out the door.

Alex: Hell yeah! I walk in the door and I get handed a baby, and I’m like, “Oh”, which is what I want, but essentially like within the next 17 minutes, I’m pretty much guaranteed to be covered in either urine, feces, or both.

If that doesn’t ground you, what will?

Alex - HNN

Tannya: For all the show’s success, O’Loughlin still can’t stand to watch his work.

Alex: Oh, is it sometimes cheesy? Yes. Do I get frustrated? Yes. Do I make it good? I don’t know. I try.

Tannya: With the green light for season four, we asked how long the show can go.

Alex: I signed on for 7, you know. I’ve done 3, so that’s at least another 4. And I mean, you know, I mean, can’t see us going anywhere, can you?

Tannya: No, I hope not.

Alex --

Tannya: Five-0 fans hope for a long run that rivals another beloved Hawaii show …. [Scene in the helicopter where team sings the Magnum PI theme song at the end of Episode  3:19

Link to interview

My Thoughts:

  • Great to see the ‘unassuming dignity’ with which Alex wore that hideous reddish wig.
  • Weird that in later interviews, Alex talks about a 6 year contract.
  • Interesting statement that he makes about how he feels about the show: “Oh, is it sometimes cheesy? Yes. Do I get frustrated? Yes. Do I make it good? I don’t know. I try.”
  • This is one of the few older videos that I could still find available on HNN site. Many of the other Alex videos no longer exist there. 😦


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