513 promo – Biker McGarrett

We finally get to see a bit of biker Al  🙂 And there´s a blurry peekage of his backtatt, and a bonus “view” 😉





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19 responses to “513 promo – Biker McGarrett

  1. karen1228

    Oh it’s not a big enough peek. Sigh…


  2. Woohoo! I saw it!!! And I don’t mean the back tatt!!! Paula FTW!!!!
    Have you seen the miraculous change of the scratch? Left – right – left! It’s a McMiracle!


  3. Thank you Paula for the fabulous gifs, especially the “bonus” view, or shall we say “Foy” view.


  4. Paula, you should do a gallery with all your fabulous gifs.


  5. vanduyn

    Awesome gifs!! Thanks Paula! 😀


  6. Brenda V

    I’m lost! In which gif do we see his back tatt?


  7. We’ve had a long wait since he rode the dirt bike in season 1, now finally we get to see him ride but darn, they still didn’t put sunglasses on him. Love Love Love this 🙂


  8. To whoever chose Steve’s wardrobe – THANKS ❤


    • Are we talking about the tight pants 😀
      I am hating the dark blue t by now. The only way I would tolerate it, would be if it was ripped to pieces.


      • Of course the tight pants 😛
        But also the T allows us to at least see the muscles on his back playing around under it, as he stalks his prey…..
        And it is not as long as those other stupid shirts that they put him in!


  9. debras57

    When I saw this yesterday and I posted about it on the hair posts you had…my heart went right out of my chest. As a rider myself, I know the love for it. And seeing him on a bike finally was perfect. He can ride, and is a great rider. So many pics of him with his bike – Harley and him carrying a helmet. There is just something very manly about him, yup testosterone and a bike. I am recording the show tonight!! To think his wife hates it..arms around his waist holding on…yeah, sigh….

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  10. alexnymph

    Bike? Tat? All I see is something wonderful peeking around the van (and I’m not talking the gun in his hands). Wow. I know what scene I’m going to freeze on my tv screen tonight. And then play with the slooooo-mooooo 😉

    Thank you, Paula!

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  11. karen

    And what a nice view it is.


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