Choose the smirkiest smile by Steve. It is a …..POLL!

It´s been ages since we had a poll on our blog. Shame on me! I am always inspired by Alex´s smiles and started gathering the ones that left his eyes cold, just for a change. Remember these classic McMoments? Pick your favorite! 😀

Smirking Steve, serving his chilliest smiles in season 1

Starting with the pilot. Our Navy Seal transporting brother Hesse “you will tell us everything” (he might have, but you shot him!)


A visit to buddies favorite jail bird, Sang Ming, sparked a dry smirk. A special friendship was born 🙂


It´s usually the female perps that get Steve “radiating” with contempt. I believe this moment is many fans´ favorite smirking Steve. A manly maskuline beautiful, but chilly smile….brrrrrr….


You think you can fool our brilliant Navy Seal!? Think again. Silly young couple thought they had the perfect plan to get the ransom money.


Jenna thought she could fool Steve. Yup, a bad start. But this friendship was born from a mutual enemy.


A caveman in camo kevlar. Tireface was too scary even to a professional hitman. Who wouldn´t get scared by that much runny make-up 😉



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22 responses to “Choose the smirkiest smile by Steve. It is a …..POLL!

  1. Thank you for this poll. You know that we love to vote on this great character. It’s a nice excuse to review all aspects, despite the struggle for choosing just one. TY


  2. Had to vote for #3! The scene at the airport was brilliant and his smile was full of disdain.
    But the last smile is a close second, cold, pitiless and really scary!


  3. So difficult to choose…hmm, I guess that means I’ll just have to stare at them a little longer. 🙂
    1) Those eyelashes and chin dimple glistening in the light …*sigh*
    2) NOSepORn! Those flared nostrils have my panties surrendering!
    3) HIs face is so gorgeous lit by the golden light! This is a smirk unlike the one he used when he played Michael in FEED. Don’t be fooled by his pretty face, he can get “ugly” if needed.
    4) I’m a sucker for his lop sided smile (smirk)
    5) *sigh*


  4. 😳 My fingers and brain aren’t working together. That could get me in serious trouble someday. 😛
    6) I’d like to give him a nice long sponge bath. Only Steve can look so sexy in that ridiculous makeup.
    Nope. Can’t decide yet. Will have to come back later.
    Great poll, Paula!


  5. sylvie

    I choose number 3, but just because we could only choose one. It was a great battle with number 4.


  6. alexnymph

    Oooooh, great poll–the cold-eye smirk! Toss up between 3, 4 and 5. I went with 3 because his total control of his facial muscles to be so rubbery was amazing to me. He is an oral fixation 🙂


  7. 33333!!!!!!Such contemptuous Beauty and the bitch deserved it!! I was “DONE” the minute i saw that “smirk” S&T
    Thanks for a GREAT selectoin Paula,


  8. I choose number 1 smirk sexie hot”


  9. So hard to choose! He has the best expressions!!!


  10. Colleen Snyder

    I had a hard time choosing between 3 and 6. I went with 3 because that scene in the airport is so memorable. That is the only time I ever thought Steve might hit a woman. Great poll! Thank u for the excuse to look at Alex for a few minutes. 🙂


    • buttercup4u

      Mmmh that airport lady was such a good baddie, they could bring her back, she didn’t die!!!
      Legendary, as paula said! I was so sure i’d go for i this smile, but now, after reading all comments, mmmh !! I have to study all of them again, he he!


  11. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Tous ses visages sont envoûtant


  12. its soo hard to choose, any smile on that dial is number 1 really *sigh*


  13. buttercup4u

    Thanks for only picking out 6!!! The choosing would have been umbearable 😉 !
    3 is my fav, but 2 comes in close because the smirk smile and the leaning are a def killer! Thanks for the work, i love all the info here!


  14. I LOVE polls!!!! 🙂
    And don’t know which one I should choose… I guess it’s SEALs Steve….. Oh, which SEAL Steve… I guess it’s no 1. The pilot….


  15. I see the airport smirk seems to be the all time favourite. Just some useless trivia: Amanda Schull who played that dispicable woman (Nicole Ducan) was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and is a ballet dancer and actress. She also had a big role in the movie ” Mao’s Last Dancer ” – Jack Thompson also played a small role in it 🙂


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