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#AlexOLoughlin – Immortal Vampire Bachelor – Extra! 2007

Alex O'Loughlin as Mick

Extra: Ladies beware this bachelor likes to neck. He might even take a bite and there is nothing you can do to keep him away.

Alex: Holy water, garlic none of that stuff works.

Extra: Alex O’Loughlin the super sexy vampire on the new CBS show Moonlight. He’s 30 years old, six two, hails from down under and he loves motorcycles and rock climbing.

This babe is a little bit of a thrill seeker and he’s always trying to do his own stunts on the set.

Extra 1

Alex: I want to jump of the buildings and like crash the cars. I want to do the big ones, but they are like. “Dude we can’t let you die, because if you die, there’s no more show”

Extra 2

Extra: Behind his though guy exterior this Romeo has got a warm heart

Extra 3

Alex: Essentially I’m such a romantic. I love words as well, like I love literature and poetry.

Extra: And if that is not enough to make you melt. Alex promises that a first date with him, is a night to remember.

Extra 4

Alex: It has to be spontaneous. I mean if you even think about it, it’s no longer romantic.


Mick and Beth promo

Extra: And you don’t have to be a Hollywood hottie to vamp with this vampire.

Extra 5

Alex: Dating someone outside of the business is nice, because there’s not the madness of the business.

Extra: Make a date with tall dark and immortal bachelor tomorrow night on CBS.

Alex Promo

 Link to the video clip: here


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Alex O’Loughlin – News Updates

Recently in comments, I realised that some of the fangirls are missing out on news updates about Alex, because we do not share it here on the blog. Lots of people did not know about the ‘T-shirt picture competition’ that we reported on a while back, or the Taylor Blue nail polish sale that we reported on this week.

Up until now we mainly posted breaking news on our Twitter or Facebook pages, but some people do not use those types of social media. Amongst all the different posts and clutter on those mediums, news can also easily get lost, if you do not stay online 24/7. 😕

Paula and I discussed it and we thought that we will try to make short posts about breaking news of events, pictures and things around Alex, as it becomes available. We do not want to clutter the blog with too much stuff, but we will select the stories that we feel are good enough to share. 😀

Please give us feedback and how you feel about it. And thank you in advance for people making us aware of the new stuff and breaking news surrounding Alex.


For our first News Update, we will report back on yesterday’s main news surrounding Alex

We received a tip from Loulou yesterday, that ‘DNA Specialty INC‘ posted a picture of Alex and a motorbike on their Facebook page

DNA Specialty INC: Alex O’Loughlin ( Steve McGarrett Hawaii Five-O) with 2014 Deluxe, Mammoth spoke rims, rotors and pulley

16 June 2014

DNA Specialty INC is in LA, so my first thought was that this was taken in LA when Alex was there a week or two ago, but the ‘www. HawaiiHarley’ on the vehicle behind him, lead us on a different path. On investigating the surrounding area on the picture, it was confirmed to us, that it was indeed taken in Hawaii.  We also could see that it was taken at ‘Cycle City’ where Alex reportedly bought his new bike last month.

Another confusing fact from the photo, was the that this bike looked different to the one we saw on last months picture, when the sales person (Rippin Ronnie) posted his proud sale to Alex on his Facebook page

8 May 2014 Rippin Ronnie

Ronnie: Congrats to Alex, you guys might know him, on the purchase of his new 2014 Harley-Davidson Deluxe.

We asked DNA Specialty INC  and they confirmed that they did some modifications on the bike for Alex:

DNA Specialty INC: this is his bike with our custom wheels and other accessories.

Furthermore I have seen many comments that this must be the replacement bike, for what Alex lost in the fire in his garage, on 6 January 2014  – our story: Alex O’Loughlin – Sometimes we lose things ……… some precious, some not!

From all evidence that I could see, Alex did NOT lose any of his bigger custom-made bikes in the fire. On the pictures of the burned garage, there were only the remains of the motocross bikes and some bicycles and kiddies bikes visible (and maybe some other smaller motorbike at the back). ‘Cro Customs also sent out a message on Instagram that his latest custom-made purchase ‘Yang Yang’ ( bought in October 2012), was not at his home at the time, but was on tour as a display item.

crocustoms : Damn!!! Alex’s garage went up in flames Monday. So glad no one was hurt. Yang could have been up in flames too, but thankfully it wasn’t home
6 January 2014 - Fire

And if some of you were wondering about Alex’s other custom built bike, which he bought in 2009 –  Cro Customs reported on 24 September 2012: ‘Alex O’s Sporty 1200 Chop SOLD’

We want to wish Alex many happy hours and trips with his latest (very expensive) toy. He has been riding motorbikes since his teens and we know it is one of his greatest joys. ❤

If we have time, we will try our best to give you as much background information on any news item we cover. If you have any further questions, please ask and we will try our best to follow the story as far as we can….. 🙂


PS. And on a more negative, but hopefully a positive note.

What pisses me off greatly, is people’s ‘Entitlement of Rudeness’ on social media. If you don’t like something, say it nicely OR rather ignore it. If you like something associate yourself with it and enjoy it!

Don’t ‘fuck up’ the next person’s peaceful day and enjoyment, by making rude remarks towards them. It will really not enrich you life or mean anything positive to them ……..(for example: If you don’t like Alex’s beard, you are entitled to your opinion and to say it, but don’t be rude about it or entitle yourself to demands about it)

Let us rather be part of the next person’s enjoyment of fandom-life and it will create our own fun as well!



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