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E!-Online – #AlexOLoughlin On Watch With Kristin (May 2007)

CBS Upfronts

– May 2007 –

CBS Upfront party 16 May 2007

Kristin: Nice to meet you.

Alex: How’s it going?

Kristin: Good. How are you doing?

Alex: Hey, E!

Kristin: You got picked up.

Alex: I got picked up, I got picked up, man it’s awesome. Drew Carey is right there. Can you believe this? I’m really excited today. It’s a good day

Kristin: And you play a vampire? Is this correct?

Alex: I’m playing a vampire. I’m playing a guy called Mick St John, who has been given the gift/curse of immortality He is a vampire, but he is pretty reluctant. It’s not something he wanted. It’s an interesting struggle.


Kristin: Why are all vampires normally good looking?

Alex: I don’t know? Have you seen Nosferatu?

Kristin: No.

Alex: You should check that out.{Laughs} He’s not bad, that guy. But I don’t know?

Kristin: Are you saying that you are better looking?

Alex: I think, I think, I think ……


Kristin: Do I smell an ego?

Alex: As vampire, I think we keep our ugliness on the inside. Our behaviours are ugly. So we have to balance it out right.

Kristin: Do you just have a little bit of an accent?

Alex: I’m an Aussie.

Kristin: Using an American accent for the show?

Alex: I play an American in the show and I am surrounded ……. I live in America and I am surrounded by Americans

Kristin: There are no vampires in Australia. We have never seen that before?

Alex: No.

Kristin: That would be a little weird.

Alex: Australians don’t have the constitution for vampirism. We’re a little too, we’re too NICE, you know. Too relaxed to kill people daily.

Kristin: Too much effort, really to go and bite someone in the neck?

Alex: It’s like I have to hunt and stalk someone down, kill them, drink their blood, get rid of the carcass ……. go surfing.

Kristin: Just got to go surfing

Alex: I just go surfing


Link to video here



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