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‘Sarcastic’ #AlexOLoughlin – Whiteout Premiere, September 2009

Alex O’Loughlin – ‘Russell Haden’ in Whiteout

with Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies

at the Los Angeles premiere of Warner Bros Pictures’ Whiteout.


Question: So your character is described as kind of rowdy, kind of a smartass. How easy is it to play that?


Alex: Well it’s not much of a stretch. But that’s a part of who he is. Essentially he’s … He has a lot of front, this guy, and he uses it to keep people at arm’s length because he has … his M.O. is something else.


Question: So he has a good back story?

Alex: Yeah.

Question: And he’s a pilot. So did you do any pilot training?


Alex: [Sarcastic] Yeah, I got my pilot’s license and I bought a Cessna. And I actually flew into this premiere tonight. It changed my life.


Question: And you get to ad-lib, I heard. So did you change things around a lot?

Alex: Yeah, we ad-libbed a bit. I mean, the script was pretty tight. But everybody was open to … you know, we had the writers on set and Greg [Rucka] was very open to us bringing what we needed to it and knowing if something wasn’t fitting, making it our own. And every writer was different.

It was good. It was great. It gives you great freedom.

Question: How easy was it to work in that climate? In the cold?

Alex: Well it’s a character in the movie and it’s where the movie’s set. So, actually, if I can be – there’s no acting required, if you know what I mean?

Question: To freeze.


Alex: It’s great for me – yeah, to freeze and die. It actually makes my life easier when I don’t have to pretend that it’s cold and it actually is.

Question: How long would you personally last as somebody who’s up there doing this in the Antarctica?


Alex: I don’t think the weather would be the main problem for me; I’m kind of resilient. I think the mental, the isolation – you’re geographically so isolated that I’d probably would go crazy.

Question: And Moonlight, were you guys just ahead of the craze too much right? The writer’s strike maybe?


Alex: It’s like we jumped the gun and then got disqualified.

Question: Any chance you guys will bring it back?

Alex: No. Well, I don’t know. Where’s Joel [Silver]?

Ask him. It’s his show.

Question: Would you do it if they said “Hey Alex, we’ve got this”?


Alex: I’m already on a new show now.

Question: I know. I drama, right?

Alex: You could do a head cast and put it on another actor, though. But then there’s the talent question.


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