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Choose The Smirkiest Smile by #H50 Steve. It is a ….. POLL!

It´s been ages since we had a poll on our blog. Shame on me! I am always inspired by Alex´s smiles and started gathering the ones that left his eyes cold, just for a change.

Remember these classic McMoments? Pick your favorite! 😀

Smirking Steve, serving his chilliest smiles in Season 1

  1. Starting with the pilot. Our Navy Seal transporting brother Hesse “you will tell us everything” (he might have, but you shot him!)


2) A visit to buddies favorite jailbird, Sang Ming, sparked a dry smirk. A special friendship was born 🙂


3) It´s usually the female perps that get Steve “radiating” with contempt. I believe this moment is many fans´ favorite smirking Steve. A manly masculine beautiful, but chilly smile….brrrrrr….


4) You think you can fool our brilliant Navy Seal!? Think again. Silly young couple thought they had the perfect plan to get the ransom money.


5) Jenna thought she could fool Steve. Yup, a bad start. But this friendship was born from a mutual enemy.


6) A caveman in camo kevlar. Tyreface was too scary even to a professional hitman. Who wouldn´t get scared by that much runny make-up 😉




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