#AlexOLoughlin vs Kittens. Again!

Hello kitty lovers! I finally got a bit of fun for you (and me) 😀

It is time for more kitties vs Alex.

The competition is seriously tough again. Let’s check it out.

Sucking on my thumb and making girls go crazy over the fur.

Strutting through the city in nerd gear.

Wearing a Aloha-shirt with more (or less) pride.

Flower power! Works on every girl.

An inviting lap.

Grand entrance. There is the right way and the oopsie way.

Hair pieces. We rock them.

That’s it.

Always fun to play with kittens.

Hope you had some fun too 😀



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20 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin vs Kittens. Again!

  1. Again you did an awesome job on another “combat between Alex and kittens”! It’s really funny. I love all kittens pics but for me Alex always win. TY Paula.


  2. karen1228

    Alex wins hands down except the kitty looks much cuter with the hair piece! LOL!


  3. Liana

    I’ve always preferred dogs.


    • I’m more a dog person too, but these kittens are too cute.. They put a big big smile on my face and in combination with these absolutey adorable and fitting Alex pics they are hilarious! The right way and the oopsie way and those two rocking the rug… LOL!!!
      The aloha shirt pic of Alex makes my day. He is such a goof!
      BTW what’s with the kitty in the banner? I think you shouldn’t feed it after midnight or return his “precious”… :LOL:


  4. gracenotpark

    OMG that aloha shirt pic of Alex and the flower power one!!!! The expressions on his face!! Oy!!! I love cats but given those particular two photos I STILL haven’t bothered to look at the cat pics yet. Damn!! I’m going back in…I’m sure there are indeed cats on here somewhere. :mrgreen:


  5. I love the cat posts!! Thank you Paula, makes me smile every time 🙂


  6. “Sucking on my thumb and making girls go crazy over the fur.” Kitty is totally adorable and then there’s Alex, the furry beast…RRARR!! How I’d love to ruffle up his fur! ((TWITCH TWITCH)) 😛


  7. Adorable! And the kittens are cute too!


  8. Great post! I just love Alex and kittens, so much fun and laughs in these posts
    And you put my favorite kitties too (that last gif, Funny cats and nice fish)


  9. sylvie

    Well done Paula, great job, it’s alaways a funny moment to look at this. TY


  10. alexnymph

    LOVE your kitty posts–you are SO creative! Banner is great–poor kitty sitting up there with Alex was so hot she had to lick herself all over to cool off!

    Thumb-sucking kitty is sooo cute! But Alex is smoldering, so no contest there. I have to say that kitty’s lap is much more suggestive than Alex’s (and I find that disturbing). Kitty may have won the hat goof-off. Overall winner is Alex!


  11. mmmm an inviting lap….. now thats something I could get used too! 😉


  12. Thanks Paula for all this adorableness/ Who could not love the cutiepies Alex and the kitties


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