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Fans supporting #AlexOLoughlin and Taylor’s gift

When I first started following Alex’s career, three years ago, I regularly read comments on Alex’s Facebook page.

There I first saw comments of support for ‘Taylor’s Gift‘. But for some reason, I read it wrong at first  – I kept reading ‘Taylor Swift’. And I could not understand why followers of Alex should support Taylor Swift? 😀

It took me a while to realise what it was all about and that it was actually part of Alex’s support for ‘Donate Life’ and organ donation and Taylor’s Gift.

I thought it might be a good idea to explain in short what Alex’s involvement with ‘Donate Life’ and  ‘Taylor’s Gift’  is all about. And to provide the links to relevant information for new fans to see for themselves, how Alex got involved with it all.

Donate Life

Alex O'Loughlin - Donate Life Person of the Year 2010

From Donate Life Organ and Tissue Donation Blog

Hollywood – 12 June 2010

Alex O’Loughlin who plays Steve McGarrett in the new CBS Fall series “Hawaii Five-O” and played Dr. Andy Yablonski in “Three Rivers” won the nationwide on-line poll as Donate Life Hollywood’s 2010 Person of the Year Award at the Donate Life Film Festival opening VIP event last evening in Beverly Hills.
While filming “Three Rivers”, Alex became passionate about the severe shortage of transplantable organs and therefore the need for individuals to register as organ donors. He began working with Tenaya Wallace, Director of the non-profit Donate Life Hollywood to learn more about organ donation and in doing so became a Donate Life Ambassador spokesperson speaking to his fellow artists and industry members as wells as recording CBS Public Service Announcements encouraging viewers to become donors.
The Donate Life Person of the year award voting results were extremely close. Fellow nominees included Les Moonves, President and CEO CBS, R & B recording artist All-4-One, Recording Artist Alex Band, and Olympic gold medalist-liver transplant recipient Chris Klug
Alex’s acceptance speech as Donate Life Person of the Year 2010
(The quality of the recording is really bad and with some background noises and sirens outside, it makes it really hard to hear everything he said ……)
“I’m really lost for words. It’s a great honour to be here. I have nothing prepared, because I honestly didn’t think it would go to me.
I’m deeply humbled to be amongst all of you, but especially the others. All those fine gentleman that were nominated for this award.
You know when I was seventeen and I got my driver’s license, I stamped the thing that said ‘Organ Donation’, because I thought it’d be the right thing to do, and I thought it’d make me more popular with girls and stuff. I didn’t really know what that meant, or anything about it.
And when I read the script for Three Rivers, it became so apparent to me that maybe, just maybe we could do something on top of making a TV show. And that was probably my way in to all of it and to you here tonight.
That’s what lead to my relationship with Tenaya and Donate Life America and together we …… worked on a plan and we’d like to put it into action.
And you could find me any day, if I was or wasn’t shooting in my trailer tearing scripts apart. You know we have to tell these people’s stories……And it became something I felt deeply passionate about.
I really don’t know what else to say. Except thank you so much. This means the world to me. Especially Three Rivers, because we actually made 13 episodes, five are yet to air, and they will. They will air. They will air. Three Rivers may have been sort of laid to rest, but my support for this cause, and this incredible organisation is certainly not. And thank you all very much.”
From what I understand Alex met Tara and Todd Storch at the Donate Life event in 2010, only a few months after their daughter Taylor, passed away and they started the Taylor’s Gift Foundation in her honour.

Alex and the Storch's


Although Alex is far removed from the mainland and his present role in Hawaii Five-0 is in essence very far removed from the concept of organ donation, he still shows his support for the cause.


About Taylor Blue

In April 2013, during National Donate Life Month, Taylor’s Gift Foundation created a memorable way for registered organ donors to share their life-giving decision with others. With the help of OPI’s exclusive “Taylor Blue” nail lacquer, the “Paint it Forward” campaign was born, and quickly proved to be as effective as it was simple.

Starting spring 2013, supporters were encouraged to paint their nails Taylor Blue and share their photos through social media using #TaylorBlue. This simple show of support ended up exposing millions of people to the idea of becoming an organ donor.

Amazingly, this collaboration with OPI helped Taylor’s Gift launch the Legacy Gift program with nearly $40,000. The sales of Taylor Blue continue to help fund the Legacy Gift program and Taylor’s Gift mission.


This April (2014) Alex gave his support by signing some of the “Taylor Blue” nail polish bottles, to be sold.

Tweets from  

Taylor's Gift 1

Taylor's Gift 2

World map - Taylor's Blue

Taylor's Blue

As you can see, there was quite a number of the nail polish send out to Europe, Australia, a few to South America and plenty all over North America (even as far as Alaska and Hawaii).

Not all of them were those signed by Alex, but also those of two other celebrities (We did try to find out how many Alex signed, but they most probably ignore our question, because they might have found it inappropriate to reveal the quantity 😦 )

In a previous post I asked our readers to share their stories about buying the nail polish and share their thoughts of participating with the cause, with us.

These are their stories:


I was able to buy the nail vanish in the second sale, just out of luck cause they were sold out in minutes but being me stubborn I kept going back for the next half an hour until one came back for sale.
I have been an organ donor both in my country of origin, Italy and now in England where I live, proudly following my dad’s example, he has been an organ donor too for many years.
I think it’s a very worthy cause, we are all scared when we think about death, but knowing that after I’m gone I could still help so many people is just heart-warming.
Alex has been an inspiration as an ambassador for Donate Life and Taylor ‘s gift.
Here is my little treasure

I know I have said this before, but as a 40 plus woman, I should be a little bit ashamed to be so infatuated (obsessed) with an actor whom I have never even seen in person, but I AM NOT ONE BIT ASHAMED!  

Alex has shown through ‘Donate For Life’ and ‘Taylor’s Gift’ , that he isn’t just a pretty face.  He is the epitome of a true humanitarian.  He is humble, and giving of his time and apologizes for not being able to help more.  

I truly love every part of this man.  He has a huge heart, a strong mind and boundless energy. ( a pretty face doesn’t hurt either 🙂 )   What foundation wouldn’t want a man like Alex to represent them in their cause?

I am a registered organ donor and have encouraged my 17 year old son to register also.  I truly believe when my time on earth is up, I do not need to take anything with me.  

However, I must admit, that when I sat at my computer waiting for the stroke of 5 to order the nail polish, I wasn’t thinking about anyone but myself at that exact moment.  I wanted so badly to have something that Alex had personally touched and signed! 😳  

I did give an extra contribution to ‘Taylor’s Gift’, because I am a believer in organ donation and how it can change so many people’s lives.  While I love the nail polish, I haven’t used it yet because I am worried his signature will rub off or I will accidentally get blue nail polish smudged over it.  

This is my first and only signed item from Alex, so it sits protected in its little brown box.  I will probably get a clear box to display it sometime.  

Until I meet him in person and have him sign something else for me,  this is all I have.

❤ Lurxgirl

A big THANK YOU to Manu and Lurxgirl for sharing their thoughts about participating with #TaylorBlue and the ‘Paint in Forward’ campaign, with us.

Grab some tissues and watch Taylor’s story as told by her mother on the Ellen show : link

 (Click on the logo to visit Taylor’s Gift)

Taylor's Gift

We as fans can keep on supporting Alex and the charities he support, by spreading the word and participating wherever we are………..

Alex 2010



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