#H50 4:07 – Slurrrrp! Wet Steve!

I couldn´t help myself. Had to do this first scene, even though I haven´t even watched this episode yet. Apparently people made passed it. I saw the tweets 🙂
I am loving the way Alex casually dries his face and then suddenly. BOOM! He drops the towel to his waist…rest is history.
Ladies, hold on to your panties…












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39 responses to “#H50 4:07 – Slurrrrp! Wet Steve!

  1. Awesome ~~~ I can’t sit still watching these incredibly wonderful gif…


  2. God bless you!! You are surely going to heaven!! You have answered my prayers!!


  3. Lisa

    How can Catherine control herself? Oh my that towel would be ripped off:)


  4. kiwi

    Panties are dead, gone may they RIP. Thank you Paula for this nekkid prettee…


  5. Khyanna

    AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Can’t handle it anymore…. 😀


  6. Sonja

    Thaaank y…you … *sigh* … *thud* ________________________________


  7. Audrey

    Wow you captured Steve perfectly. Thank you Paula. :oP


  8. I couldn’t wait for you to work your magic on this first scene. You did not disappoint. That 3rd pic oh my!!!


  9. Mari

    Omg I love you. Catherine has willpower that should earn her a badge, unless the literally just had sex, then she gets a medal for landing McG! Hugs, Mari


  10. Anwyn

    Holy Shit!! Haven’t seen anything more appetizing in a looong time. TY so much for this delicious delivery. Finally they read our fangirl desires. I am sure this is what is happening. In S4 they have already done good. Don’t you think so? So, let’s keep praying for a nekkid scene. Even CBS has to go with the flow sometimes. And now excuse me, got to go watch perfection in motion myself.


  11. LindaSue

    Paula, you never disappoint us. I just knew you would do WONDERFUL things with this episode!! And the title is perfect. Slurrrrp!


  12. Louise

    OMG, the happy trail is showing in some of these shots! How can I do anything today without thinking of this scene? Thanks, Paula.


  13. maggs

    OMG OMG OMG OMG ……………..Bless you ………..okay breathe just breathe …………Thank you Can’t Talk just looking over and over and over and over ………is Peter Lenkov trying to kill us with pleasure !


  14. EU

    God blesses your computer skills girls, you’re awesome…….these are not gifts, these are TREASURES!!! THE THIRD!!!!!THE THIRD!!!!


  15. Marta

    Wet Steve = wet panties = Happy McPerv!!!
    I never had this thought until today: i’m jealous/envious of that towel.
    Thank you for these awesome gifs.


  16. I was dy……….ing………… watching this scene because the SAME TOWEL that he was drying off with was the one he THEN wrapped around his waist. THAT MEANS THAT IS WAS IMPLIED THAT HE WAS NEKKID FROM THE FOY DOWN WHILE DRYING OFF HIS CHEST! FREE THE FOY :::::::thud:::::::: {help, I need oxygen}


    • LOL I kept thinking, “please let the cameraman pan lower!” as if he had really been nekkid 😀
      But a big thanks for getting our guy soaking wet and not just a few drops of water. Maybe a FUCUP got the watersprayer´s job?


  17. When I first saw the teaser pic a few weeks ago, I couldn’t get myself to believe that it was really a towel in his hand. Thank God I was wrong! Since I had to download the show at 8 AM to my IPad then leave immediately after, I had to watch the episode in my car. I was sitting in the parking lot of my favorite coffee shop. I started the video. I heard water running… The noise I made when I saw dripping wet Steve …,may have made a few people think I was getting car jacked. 😆 I’m lucky I put down my scalding hot coffee before his happy trail appeared.
    Cath was crazy not to yank that towel off his sexy slim waist! I’m sure it was implied that they must have had morning sex and she got ready first, other wise she would have at least been “admiring the goods” when he was toweling off. Even if Steve and I had sex for hours/days, I would never let him stand in front of me nekkid without enjoying the view. 😯
    Thank you Paula for yet again another masterpiece! I especially loved the gif where he is toweling off his under arms. MMMMmmm. I truly need therapy. And I could watch his fingers tuck that towel around his waist for hours.


  18. Reblogged this on My daily dose of Alex O and commented:
    Another prayer answered…


  19. Linda E.

    OMG !!! I can’t stand it. Those twitching pecs have done me in !! Maybe you could make stills of 3 and 4.


  20. Anyone notice that the makeup dept went for authenticity again with Steve’s scars? I am most fond of the prison shank scar near the happy trail – towel conjunction. Also I swear that I can see the gecko from my house…. hee, hee.


  21. Andrea, you’re right. Everything is in the right place – except the towel… 😉

    Is it just me or the gifs or did the make up department a better job than last season? There is not so much orange…

    Thanks Paula for all the great gifs! ❤


    • I think they realised that the make-up looks better indoors. All of his shirtless scenes were indoors this season. The harsh Hawaiian sunlight usually emphasized the cover-up make-up. 😀


  22. marnov2205

    Ooh, Paula, marry me. I didn’t think the scene could get any better – but then I saw your gifs. ❤ xBL2I&B


  23. This is Brilliant Paula. Steve is not the only thing that is wet so are ALL our Mc perving fangirls on this awesome blog everyone of us red {HOT} blooded woman. if not before we are now THUD and can we deduct that the lucky Ms Rollins has MOVED IN with her handsome commander!!!!the lucky LUCKY BIT???GIRL !!!!!


  24. Tina

    OMG Paula – now I am a very happy bunny. It’s about 8 degrees outside but in my living room it’s scortching hot. my heart needs to be started again as I have literally died and gone to Steve/Alex heaven 🙂 xxxxxx


  25. liliyabatyuk

    Yes, this is an epic scene. Wish he dropped the towel even lower. Ah, this censorship! I just started watching the seventh season. In general, I got acquainted with the serial since the beginning of this summer. Somehow all the previous ten years, we did not get an affair with him. And now I am stretching the pleasure. I do not want to quickly disintegrate. And with the same great pleasure I read your posts!


    • It sounds like you are a fairly new fan of Alex. Or maybe just the show.
      Glad you enjoy the posts.
      For us, fangirling is about fun and enjoying Alex in all his facets. 🙂


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