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Defenseless with Alex?

A while ago, we shared the story about this upcoming seminar, taught by Egan and Alex. One of our new readers going by the name K, told us she was going to attend it and we asked her to share her experience with the rest of us unlucky ladies, who are not fortunate enough to be able to attend ourselves 😉 .

I find it very hard to believe anyone would push Alex away. Did they really?


Click on pic to read the article on Honolulu Pulse about the seminar.

This is K´s account of her day, learning to defend herself at the hands of Alex O :

Best $300 ever spent.
Alex was amazing. He was very sweet and very helpful. He’s an excellent teacher. That bad-boy façade we see on Steve McGarrett every Friday night was non-existent. He was smiling, laughing, and joking around. He wasn’t arrogant at all. He was friendly and very laid-back. It didn’t seem like he was forced to be there, he was very willing and cooperative.
Good news: all women behaved themselves. 😀
We weren’t allowed to use our personal cameras (which is why you don’t see any of our photos surfacing the web yet). Egan Inoue had a photographer go around and snap photos, which are to be emailed to us. Hopefully soon.
There were two sessions. There were 15 ladies for the first session and at the second session there were 20 ladies. The overall event raised $10,500 for Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.
The seminar started off with instructor introductions. Egan, Alex, and a few female trainers taught the class.
It began with Egan showing us how to do the move, and then we broke off into pairs and practiced the moves on our partner.
Alex made every woman’s fantasy come true when he went around the room and help us one-on-one with the movements and motions of the move. Yes, this meant lots of touching, grabbing, grappling, pinning, holding—you name it.WAAH
Alex helped me with an “escape” move. He was pretending to be the attacker, grabbing me by the wrists. The move was to “do what the attacker least expects” which is to go in close then push away. I remember my face being on his chest when I went in close. Either he had a strong grip or I’m just weak but I couldn’t pull away. I remember saying out loud: “Oh my god, you’re strong.” Haha. He told me to use my back to help pull away instead of twisting my body to turn.
The next move was as if someone grabbed your shoulder from behind and we were to make a circle with our arm to get him off. My hair was down and I remember him moving my hair to grab onto my shoulder. I made a circle with my arm to knock his hand off. He said it was good. “Just remember..big circles,” he said as he was holding my arm making the motion.
He worked with me and my partner on a quick-get up move if we were pushed down to the ground. No touching was involved for this one. Shucks.
Later, he was helping a pair nearby on a sweep move and I was just observing the motions when he needed a partner to demonstrate to them and motioned me to come over. Without any hesitation, I gladly helped him.
He was on his back and I was the “attacker” pretending to be choking him. I don’t really remember what happened after that. I remember being on top of him with my hands around his neck – haha.
Alex helped me learn another sweep move. He played the role of the “attacker”. He stood over me as I was on my back. I had my right foot on his hip and my left foot hooked behind his knee and my right hand grabbing his ankle. From there, we’re supposed to use our left foot to bring the attacker down and use our right foot to push him off and throw his ankle across his body to make it harder for him to get back up. I brought AOL down! 🙂
I think all ladies had a fair amount of Alex time.
The session went by really fast. We had about 5-10 minutes to practice the move then we had to move on and learn a new one. Before I knew it, the class was over.
The main thing that Egan and Alex wanted us to take away was:
1. 1. Try not to get yourself in that kind of situation.
  • a. Safety in numbers
  • b. Don’t be afraid to ask for help…call security or police to let them deal with the situation instead of dealing with it yourself which might put you in more danger
2. 2. Be cognizant of your surroundings.
3. 3. Run, run, run!
At one point during the session he mentioned having a “wife and three kids” at home, so I’m guessing that he and Malia tied the knot. I thought they were just dating and with a kid together. Sorry ladies.
After the session, Alex stayed around to mingle and take individual photos as well as a group photo with us.
As he was heading out, some fans caught him and asked for autographs which he graciously signed using the hood of his truck as a flat surface. I asked him to sign my Hawaii Five-0 pass.

And that marks one of the greatest days of my life. It feels like it was a dream. The fact that he didn’t get paid to do any of this and was truly volunteering his time to raise money for charity makes him even more respectable and attractive. I love Alex O’Loughlin!

 Thank you K!

This is such a great account of this memorable day and it is a wonderful treat for us all!! 😛


Click on the pic to get the story and more pics on Pacific Business News

PS. If anyone else here on our blog is willing to share their stories meeting with this wonderful man, please don´t hesitate to contact us. Our email is intense.study.aol@gmail.com and can also be found on our introduction page 😀 After all, I think it´s safe to say, we never get tired of hearing how wonderful Alex is with his fans 🙂


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