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#AlexOLoughlin – If you could choose?! It’s a double poll….

At the moment I can’t imagine working any longer than tomorrow. Because there’s just so much work. But we’ll see, we’ll see. I want to do other things sooner rather than later.

– Alex O’Loughlin, AIF Awards, 24 October 2013

As we can see in this quote from Alex, he is really looking forward to sinking his teeth into something new. I think as creative people, true actors always want to be challenged to become new characters.

Let’s see what you all think he should be doing next, in a few year’s time, when Hawaii Five-0 comes to an end?

Question 1:

From a fangirls point of view what would you choose for Alex to do?:


If Alex decides to do another Television series, we can see him for anything from 12 to 24 episodes each year (depending on the type of show).

2. Movies

On the big screen, we will only be seeing him maybe once or twice (maybe more) a year.

Will that be enough for us?

3. Stage


Fans will have to travel all the way to the one location to see him perform. It will not be possible for many to experience, but it will be live and a thrill to see him perform in person and react with the audience!

Question 2

What type of character or genre do you think will suit Alex best?:

1. Lawyer


To see him wear a suit all the time…….. for me, that will be a dream come true!! 😀

2. Doctor


For me Dr Andy was simply gorgeous and I think we did not see enough of Alex as a doctor yet!

3. Vampire


Alex himself said, that he thinks he will never play another vampire again. Wonder if the fangirls like that statement?

4. Period Drama


There are so many types of shows in this genre. Do you think Alex will be good playing a timeless hero maybe?

5. Cowboy /Western


I struggle to breath when I think about this option……. 😛

6. Military


Roles in the military have a lot of options – combat, being a doctor, being a lawyer, etc.

7. Romance


Our leading man romancing his lady, showing the gentle, romantic side of him. Sweet kisses and perhaps even some hot, “between the sheets” action. With romance, we can have a comedy or drama – which would you prefer?

8. Comedy


His face is hilarious, with so little effort. Do you think he should have the opportunity to make us laugh? 😀

9. A Wiseguy


Will we be able to handle him on the wrong side of the law – being the bad boy? 👿

10. Other

What have we missed? Do you think there are other, better options that should be explored? Tell us what you think…

Once you’ve done a couple of films, I think the whole idea of being a movie star — well I don’t know about the ’star’ thing — but the idea of working regularly in feature films, that’s my dream.

To go from one character to the next and get to tell a million different stories, that would be wonderful; I’d love to be able to do that

– Alex O’Loughlin, theTVAddict.com, 29 April 2009

Please remember this is just us, having some fun……….. 😀


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