407 – Steve got dressed

This episode was quite nice. It started almost with my wish – Steve´s morning shower 😀 Next time we will actually see him taking it, right Peter?

Pretty smiles



 One manly masculine uncle407-baby-strut407-pose

White lies 😉407-uncle

Gasp! Horror! Shock! Meet the new member of H50. (just to make it clear, Cath is ok by us as part of the team)


Welcome t0 five-0 🙂

Sorry I rushed this post, there will be more pretties tomorrow…



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51 responses to “407 – Steve got dressed

  1. Am I the only one here that doesn’t like “Catherine”? Sorry! Great job thanks for all the hard work.


    • I am curious, why you don’t like Catherine? I am fine with it, I am just trying to understand why so many dislike her.


      • I just think it is better for Steve to not have her around all the time…like Season One…we knew she was there and would occasionally pop up but wasn’t there ALL THE TIME. I also, IMHO, feel that Steve should be with someone who isn’t “in his world”. He needs to decompress and having a “super” soldier GF isn’t my idea of decompressing…granted she can take care of herself but that doesn’t allow Steve to (step up) and protect her. Does that make sense?


    • Hi Barb2167 – Welcome here at our little piece of Alex heaven.
      We do like everybody’s honest opinion and every comment are welcomed. Having said that – for the most part we like to enjoy the pretty and the positive surrounding Alex and his career more than on issues about what is wrong with him or Hawaii Five-0.
      For us it is more whether the actors are doing a good job and entertaining us that the course of the story of Hawaii Five-0 – Plot and characters does not matter that much to us 😀 (we are a bit shallow 😛 )
      There are enough sites in the fandom living and thriving on bashing Alex’s personal life and bashing some of the actors, producers and storylines of Hawaii Five-0 We prefer to keep it light here and as I said, concentrate on the pretty.
      That might be the reason why you get the perception that everybody on here like Cath – because I do not think everybody does 😀


  2. One more thing…anyone up for reading some fan fiction? Is that allowed? I am new here


    • Barb – I do not know exactly what you mean when you say “Is it allowed” ?
      We do not post any fanfic on here, because this is a site about Alex and his career and the enjoyment of him and what happens around him.
      Some of the fangirls do express some of their naughty thoughts, but I do not think that qualify as fanfic 😀
      Having said that, a lot of our regulars do like fanfic and follow it (some of my personal friends, are big McDanno followers)


    • Not sure what you mean with having fanfiction here? But reading your comments on Catherine, I hope you are not referring to having her killed off. You can obviously write (fanfiction) of what you like elsewhere.
      But, having read all that hateful bitching about Catherine on twitter since last season, and then the worst even being dished onto Michelle…well, we are not going to have that stuff on our blog. I feel bad for MB as an actor to have to see this kind of thing happening. No one deserves that. Please remember to consentrate on the stuff you like, not what you hate.
      This blog is about our love for Alex.
      We rarely have the other h50 team members posted here. Cath will be a small part as long as there is McRoll 🙂


      • I don’t HATE Catherine or MB for that matter I was simply responding to one of the comments that you posted…”Gasp! Horror! Shock! Meet the new member of H5O…I then responded to someone else, etc. For someone like me please, if you can, make your comments a bit clearer as I assumed that it was a “slam”. I was wrong and/or misunderstood. My bad.


  3. This episode was good, of course scene one was the best but I loved all the guys interaction with lil’Joan. I have to say I was really disappointed how they dropped the ball in episode one with Charlie and then last night, his 1st episode back was a disappointment too. I mean come on he nearly died for helping Kono. I have to admit the continuity is starting to bug me.

    And of course at the end all could think about is heads exploding on the internet over Catherine. Since I am so late to the party, I have never understood the fandoms’ dislike of this character or Michelle for that matter. And since Lenkov knows this character is so polarizing why feature her? I like the character so I have no issues and as soon as Kono returns I am sure Catherine will be employed elsewhere but I just hope it doesn’t affect the ratings. Time will tell. P.S. wait until Grover finds out, he doesn’t see Steve as a cop can’t wait to see his reaction to Catherine.


    • I don’t “dislike” Catherine but I liked her best when she would make appearances…I wonder if he’s still going to “sleep” with her now that he is her “boss.” I hope the ratings don’t suffer either as it is one of my FAVORITE shows (no matter how odd the plot line).

      What did you mean “polarizing”?

      I would like to have seen Catherine out of the picture (maybe killed by Wo-Fat) Steve, IMHO, is best when he is driven. For those that do like her, I am not bashing, but I feel that what makes H5O work best is the core 4…I don’t think it worked well when they had Lori Weston join the scene and I don’t think it works with Catherine. Stick with what you know…I would’ve loved to have Kono be pregnant rather than have her leave and they “fill the gap” no matter how temporary.

      I hope, eventually, that we see some Kick a%$ scenes like we did in Season 1…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Again, JMHO


      • By polarizing, people seem to either like or dislike her character there is no in between and from what I read around the ‘net is most people dislike Catherine.

        I totally agree about the core 4 but with Grace out they had to do something. I didn’t particularly care for Lori just because she was into Steve and he had.has a girlfriend so it seemed pointless.

        It is interesting you bring up killing off Catherine because I was thinking the exact same thing last night when she kept saying I will be alright. I will be alright. I think if they did that Steve would become more human, it will be interesting how it all shake out when Grace returns.


        • I agree. I don’t mean to offend anyone in re: to “Catherine” but she just seems to be a bit too perfect…I think they should’ve gone in the PTSD direction or had Catherine leave because she couldn’t deal with the death. I think that would have made a believable story line. It would show her vulnerability and it would allow Steve to try and help her…otherwise the way it stands now it is way to “perfect” (even if she did get “beat up” a couple of times).

          I know they had to do something w/Grace’s absence so we will see what happens.

          I don’t know about you but I always like Steve’s character more when he’s driven by something. Granted I liked seeing him as an uncle (last night) and the bathroom scene wasn’t bad *wink* but those are just a few of the lighter sides and doesn’t reflect the “tough SEAL” persona that the show started out with. Granted I know all the characters evolve and we see parts of them we wouldn’t have seen in the beginning but it is way too soon to flip the switch with him, does that make sense? Look at the last couple of episodes and how he has “lightened” up…that isn’t Steve…sorry JMHO.

          Would love to talk again…have a blessed day and if you’re interested I wrote a few stories about H5O/McGarrett…take care


        • I disagree with your “net is most dislike Cath”. I think those who are against her, are just the ones that voice their opinion loudest.
          There are a lot of us who keep our mouth shut, just to avoid confrontation and trying to stop the shit storm to spread wider.


  4. Okay how in the hell did I miss the one of him leaning against the fence? I’ve watched it 3 times! Fabulous as usual! I loved this episode!


  5. EU

    The episode had a little bit of everything. The case ( if you made an effort to follow up becuase baby Joan was the lil’ queen on the night <3) was interesting, I love Groover came into scene again and tried to get control over our boys ( Steve and specially Chin!!!) and they didn't let him. jajajaj!…love baby Joan so much….it is increible how spontaneous and lovely children are……Chin's face when he holded her, I felt he wanted to kiss and squeeze her ( IMO, he's very sweet in and out cameras)…the experienced daddy Danno telling her story…..and it was funny to see that "the uncle Steve" was the one who gave less percentage to the uncles team, lol!……I just wanna say that I would love to see also aunt Cath taking care of her and being more his GF in the mornings….in bed….in the shower, cooking together…yeah! I'm a dreamer ( come on, Cath!!! you have a gorgeous man, you have to take care of him!!) and not only as a femme Nikita or so……BTW, do you really believe a thin woman like her could give such a beating to a young, healthy and strong man?….me…..neaaaa!….it was funny ridicilous to see, he ended with his face smashed and she had only a bruise on the eyebrown…….let's see for Thanksgiving episode ;0).


    • I felt Cath´s a$$kicking would have been more believable if they had made the scene shorter. I agree that with some of the punches she received, her physique would not take it. But then again, when ever there are these fight scenes, in reality humans would get serious damages, I have these same issues with the men fighting too.

      I think Cath should use her strength to drag McA$$ to bed every now and then 😉


      • buttercup

        Kono is fighting the baddies too! And she is about the same built as Cath, I don’t take this too serious anyway! I would prefer watching Steve fight for 42 minutes if the writer would 😉 !!!
        We desperately need some hot-bed-McRoll-action (and as far as I know 😉 ) the writers are *hearing* us fangirlies wishes! So – let’s wish *very very hard* and be patient!
        I’m positive that PL has some very good stuff for us, its’ boiling something up for Thanksgiving!


      • EU

        yeah! exactly…it’s hard to believe she could resist so long but I don’t care anyway, I enjoy the show with ALL the actors :0) and I realize it’s fiction……and I agree with you that she should use her female force to drag McAs$ to bed BUT EVERY EVENING AND KEEP IT EVERY MORNING……for a quicky, lol!


  6. buttercup

    I still have to watch, but it looks pretty promising! Seriously – I can’t believe I see all the stuff we’re wishing for! Can you believe this, and as an additional treat, we got an new “leaning Steve” pose, Paula has to do another poll 😉 (I will change my former vote!!!!) This pose is awwww and ohhhhh!
    Love the smile, very McG-ish!
    Looking forward to watch!


  7. Maria Joaoi

    So much preteeeeeeeee. Finally Cath is officially part of the team though she was always a part of them since the beginning. And I really have to begin watching the eps again, so far I have only saw 2, this move to Friday was not good for me, but I’m sure that during the hiatus I will be able to see them all..
    Love you ladies and I really miss posting here but RL has been too busy..


  8. Steve’s faces when he is with Mary and the baby, is just priceless.
    Alex looks radient and absolutely gorgeous in each of those scenes – The best yet this season!!


  9. Marta

    Pretty smiles+”Guns”+happy and protective uncle+help of adopted uncles = cool episode!
    Thank you for these awesome gifs.


  10. Anwyn

    There’s a lot of priceless stuff on this epi. Starts with drooling and ends with drooling. Steve with the baby is awesome. I simply loved it for all the pretty faces.
    Storyline: I think it is not a good move to let Cath kick asses like she was superwoman and then put her casually on the team. ‘You need a job and I need assistance, so take the batch’. Hm, I don’t know how this is going to be, but I am open for suprises. May be it turns out to be good. I’ll forgive her anything and even would start to love her role if she’d snatch the towel next time:-))


    • Since so many of our wishes have come true this season. I believe we will get an epi which starts with clothes getting on the floor and then 40 minutes of messed up bed clothes…


      • Oh god, @ Paula, what a fantastic idea!!!! Hope that the writers can hear our wishes and really make it happen in the show.

        Btw, I cant believe the fact that Catherine is officially a part of Five-0. Too good to be true haha. McRoll is working together AGAIN (they were co-workers before). I love Catherine instantly. The first Hawaii Five-0’s episode that I watched in the past was Halloween episode in season 3, the first scene was McRoll making out in the sofa. Then I started downloading the whole season 1, season 2 and season 3. Catherine is totally my cup of tea. Dont get why there are so much haters out there 😦

        Hope that the relationship won’t be affect just because Steve is Catherine’s boss… 😡 Finger crossed. *Can I wish Kono would never come back?* lol.


      • I would never survive that episode. Would need to pre-pay for my own memorial service….She was a loyal FUCUP, then one day her heart thudded its last THUD…


  11. Lee Ann

    The facial expressions they got with the baby were really great – so cute. I do like “Catherine” (& Michelle) as she plays a smart, capable women. Unfortunately adding her to the FiveO “team” is ludicrous, as it is such an easy “out” for the writers. She’s there, why not use her! . So typical You could see that coming amile away. Looking forward t o Carol Burnett’sappearance.


  12. Jilly, you MISSED him leaning against the fence????? 😉 And it is such a hot HOT pose! Nothing over the – nearly – shower scene, but this to me is a very close second when it comes to hot McG in this episode. And the baby scenes are simply adorable. *sigh* So much pretty in this episode – again.

    I have to admit I also have some issues with Cath being an official member of the team. I can’t see it work out well with Steve as her boss/boyfriend. I’d have loved to see her continue Billy’s business for example. She is such a great character and deserves something on her own. But maybe they’ll go that or a similar way when Kono is back. (I hope you know what I mean. 😉 )


    • FYI this is a prediction as to whether shows will be renewed….please look at our favorite show.

      Hawaii Five-0: Could go either way

      That’s not going to happen is it?


      • I thought they would cancel the show after season 2. It didn´t happen, same after last season. Nope, still going. Now I will not even try to guess, we will see. It can go either way still, right 😉


        • I think it will be around for a while longer. CBS has a way of keeping shows around longer then normal networks. CSI NY for example. Unless something really unexpected happens with the cast I think we have nothing to worry about. If they move it to another night, during this season, I may begin to worry but not yet. 🙂


          • Everything I have seen from the numbers looks good to me (although, I am no expert with it). I think the show is doing great in its new timeslot


            • @visage13 You are right. At the time there is nothing to worry about.

              @FOYeur I follow the ratings now since beginning of S3, and I have to say we’re doing good in the new time slot. Not great, but good and what’s more important, steady, for season 4. In demo (which is about 1.3 and 1.4, good for a Friday night) as in viewership (between 9 and 10 mio Live+SD final). Not to forget syndication. So at this time I don’t see our show go anywhere but to a season 5. Unless, like visage said, nothing unexpected happens.


              • jac2326

                And as of Friday November 15th, Global is moving Bones from Mondays to the 8pm time slot just ahead of H50. Bones has a loyal following so I think this is a good move.


                • Hm, I don’t know much about networks, but would the Bones move on Global affect H50 on CBS? Are both channels/networks related somehow? Would the audience switch to CBS?


  13. Buttercup

    I don’t have issues with cath being a member of 5o! I fully trust the writers – they have done so much this season – we won’t be disappointed!!!
    I’m happy that kono can have her baby-time and we had some great mcroll times and i’m looking forward to see somemorehotstuffwithsteve!!!!!
    I don’t think cath will be a long-term member, she will have her own stuff again, and her job is to “please” steve, isn’t it! At least that’s what we all hope for 😉 !!!


  14. Karen

    Sorry – late to the party! I love the shot of him leaning on the fence! It’s my new favorite!! Any chance of getting a still of it Paula?? Please, pretty please!


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