Remember – Steve in and out of control

As we are preparing to squee over Steve´s baby faces tonight, I thought of season 3. A bigger female gave us nice McFaces.



Can be viewed in full BR resolution


Can be viewed in full BR resolution


Can be viewed in full BR resolution




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14 responses to “Remember – Steve in and out of control

  1. Karen

    Loving all the pretty! Esp. #2!!


  2. sara

    oh that tongue. Just makes me go mushy all over.


  3. This man is really sex personified! Seriously!


  4. Brenda

    Flirty Steve – love love loved this ep. And that tongue, holy %^&*()^%#


  5. Now, these are “baby making” faces! The quick peak of the tongue…the sex smoldering eyes…*shudder* I would have been across the table in his lap the minute he looked at me like that. I know how good he is in a chair. 😛


  6. Paula you are really kind of cruel, posting all this beauty!
    How will our hearts and panties survive this weekend! 😛


  7. buttercup

    #4 is a season 1 look!
    How are we going to survive this weekend?
    Paula and FOYeur, so much pretty in so less days 😉 my panties are following Paula’s but I have to cross the Mediterranean Sea first!


  8. EU

    OMG!! Steve IN control is a lethal weapon, he knows how to use all that sexy power of his pink beast, eyelashes, lips, eyebrown wrinkle, little smile, eyes…..forget to use panties…..anyway, we have no defenses, no chance to survive….


  9. Marta

    I know that this episode title is Evil Woman, but this post is evil to our panties. He is the master of seduction, even when he hates to be played. He can play with me anytime.
    Paula, this post is to drool. Thank you. Have a great weekend, girls!


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