#AlexOLoughlin – The Velvety Voice.

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The True Story of Mary Bryant

In 1787, King George III of England sent the first fleet to colonise Australia. And experiment of global proportions.

But this would be no Utopian society. The King’s plan was to create a prison at the end of the earth to rid England of its rubbish, its criminals, and vagrants. A prison surrounded by land and sea, whose walls were 14 000 miles thick.

They set sail in March 1787. Eleven ships, filled with 780 convicts, and 200 crew. They were bound for a land they had never seen, on an epic voyage that would take 10 months.

Mary was a convict on this first voyage. A teenage girl, in a world where women were outnumbered 4 to 1. Where starvation claimed over half her fellow prisoners.

That she escaped is unthinkable. That she survived is a miracle. If her story wasn’t true you would never believe it.

Click to listen to his voice …..

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18 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – The Velvety Voice.

  1. Terry

    If you have not seen this it is a very good story. Besides our guy Alex being in it the story is very intense and makes you appreciate your life. Amazon has it at a very good price. Glad I got my copy. My husband and I watched it together and enjoyed the story.

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  2. Hope he can get a movie career post Five 0!

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    • I sincerely hope so too.
      Not many actors get that chance after a show like this, but I really do hope that his preseverance and hard work will be rewarded with some great characters for him to do in future.


  3. ChB

    I like Alex best as Will Bryant. He shows such a wide range of emotions in this and I felt really devastated, when he was killed. Only a very good actor can make you mourn for days for a fictional character, I think!


  4. dawn russell

    Alex was absolutely great with his accent in Mary Bryant and I too shed a tear or two when they killed him off!

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  5. gracenotpark

    His death scene was magnificent. It was all Alex too…the script merely called for him to be shot and die. He chose to do that amazing thing with his face and body…we can *see* him realize he is going to die, we see his regret and grief and bitter acceptance, and his determination to go down fighting. Apparently the director was delighted with him and totally went with Alex’s very dramatic death scene.

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    • Yes, he said that in so many words.
      Alex worked with him on two projects, and he had many great things to say about Alex including his comment about the death scene..


  6. WILL!!
    My first Alex encounter, the rest is history. 😉
    He was amazing. I love him in the birth scene on the ship. His FACE says it all, that Will was so different, nothing like the other men.
    And the death scene is incredibly powerful, because of Alex. Devastates me every time. (There is always this little tiny stupid voice that keeps telling me “this time he’ll make it”.) Sigh…

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  7. lindae5o

    I loved Will in this mini-series. Alex showed the full range of emotions possible in his death scene – utter despair, and the realization he could not continue to exist under slavery and cruelty. Death was preferable. He turned to face the soldiers, resigned to his fate.
    What’s also remarkable is that this was baby Alex, twelve years ago, and he’s gotten even better. His talent is amazing. Producers should be knocking down doors to get him, when Five-0 ends.

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  8. The incredible performance of Alex O’Loughlin as Will Bryant. I loved Alex’s work on this historical TV mini series. On the comments you pointed the final or death scene. Leica mentioned the birth scene and i can add others like the kiss, the love making, the sadness when Mary is sleeping with the Capiton for steal the key, the anger when he founds out that is Mary who eats the food, the jealous and sadness he had at diner party, but i choose the one when Will told Mary that he lied about his skills to sail. Now i want to rewatch it.

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  9. I fell in love with Alex’s voice first . He was awesome in this, accent, facial expression and I think he won some kind of award also. i just read where they are thinking of doing a ncis Hawaii . I do so hope we get to see Alex in this or some other adventure, He is so good in whatever he does

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