Daily Archives: November 30, 2013

Forever cool Mick

I often feel I need Mick the most on Saturdays. But with the new H50 schedule, Steve has taken over. Finally we got a McBreak and I got to say hello to St John again 🙂 Some of these pretties have been posted before, but this time I saved a couple in bigger size. “Bigger is better” with Alex 😉

From random episodes, things I found extra s€xy. Enjoy

Squinting and inviting lips, not to mention the intense eyes and perfect profile. Also love his sideburns.


Fabulous smile, if only he would be behind my door when the doorbell rings.


And then he gave that “knowing” raised eyebrow. He is clearly planing something naughty 😉


No one does the hands in a pocket like Mick.


I wonder if he has trained this tongue thing in front of the mirror. He is very good at it 😉


And the tiniest nostril flare and those luscious lips…*sigh*mick-tiny-flare


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