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#AlexOLoughlin – An Early ‘Thanks Giving’……

“Without the fans, we’d be nothing – I’d be a carpenter!”

– Alex O’Loughlin,

International Press Day,

2 November 2013

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A month ago when some things drastically changed in my life, Paula immediately asked me if I still wanted to continue withIntense Study‘. Without even thinking twice my answer was that Alex still inspires me and as long as that is the case, I would always want to continue following his career and enjoying him with her and with others here on our little Alex heaven.

Another thing Paula mentioned, was that there seems to be such a lot of people with troubles around us in the fandom. Maybe ‘real-life’ let some of us follow a life online, to escape some of its harshnesses? I think for many of us following Alex and Hawaii-Five-0, it gives us that time to relax and enjoy the pretty. 😀


When we started Intense Study’ just over 15 months ago, we decided that we want to have fun while we follow Alex and his career, and together with it share some of that fun with others. We hoped that there will be other fans that enjoyed what we do. Lucky for us and beyond our expectation, some of you do seem to enjoy it…. !! 😛

Thank you all for your continued support!

In March we posted a story about which countries seems to enjoy what we do the most and who follows Alex through our site. We thought it might be fun to see how things developed since that time:


This summary shows us the following:

  • The top 15 countries that visit the site.
  • The percentage (%) of the total views that they represent. (All of those above 1% – representing 87% of our total views and the rest of the 13% is made up from a lot of countries, all with less than 1% in contribution)
  • Behind each country’s name, you can see the position that the country held in March.
  • Behind the percentage you can see how much of the percentage they moved up or down since March  – Thank you for all the new support from France, Germany and the Nederlands!!


After that we also compared the countries, while keeping their population in mind – with that, making the comparison more realistic. This is what we got:

Following 2

As you can see we have a new country at number 1 – Congratulations Iceland!!

Because of the small population in Iceland and some fan or fans from there visiting us regularly, they moved to the front of the pack. 🙂 Apart from Iceland that came out of nowhere to the first position, France moved up 4 places, the Netherlands moved up 3 places and Germany 1 position. Thank you all for your wonderful support!!


For me, the friends that I made over the past two years, really became dear to my heart. When a beautiful white rose tweeted to me in my time of sorrow, from a friend who I have never met in person, thousands of miles away, made me cry all over again and appreciate all the beauty that there are still in life, I realise that this is just as much part of my so-called real life as anything happening in that ‘real-life’. And online friends sending a small message of “thinking of you”, are just as soothing as somebody close to you hugging you, to make that day just easier to face.

I surely believe that there will be a day when I can thank you all in person, for being there for me! 🙂


I think there are a lot of you with similar stories about how the friends you made online through Alex, made your life just that little bit better! 🙂


And a big THANK YOU to those of you who comment on here, for not only always honouring Alex for the great actor he is, but also for keeping it light (and naughty 😀 ) and enjoying his previous characters and his work in Hawaii Five-0 with us.

Neither Alex nor the rest of the people involved in creating Hawaii Five-0 ever claim to be perfect or without faults. Sometimes they might disappoint us, but they work hard to entertain us and we prefer to take the best out of it and enjoy it!

May we all have a lot more fun for a long time to come, playing with our favourite “obsession” in the world! 😛

It’s not my job, it’s my life!

– Alex O’Loughlin,

International Press day,

2 November 2013


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407 – promo, Steve´s cute baby faces

I would say caution, but since your ovaries have already exploded, this is safe to watch 😉

The baby is getting the best ride ever, in Steve´s arms 🙂


Added these black´n white gifs, just because his face deserves it 🙂

407-pb-bw-5 407-bw-1 407-pb-bw2 407-bp-bw4


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