Pic for the Day – #AlexOLoughlin Success

“As soon as [Alex’s] real life began, commitment to the work has led to an avid interest in theatre history covered in essays which would surprise his earlier teachers.

He told me he is an “instinctual actor – I feel my way through it” but very soon was explaining detailed techniques of characterisation.

He seems to have just the right mix of method and emotion, and control of his life, for us to sincerely hope for professional success.”

Frank McKone,


in “NIDA Invites Applications for 2003″,


alex mb bts bw dl



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11 responses to “Pic for the Day – #AlexOLoughlin Success

  1. Love the picture. And what he’s saying about Alex. 🙂

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  2. The description of his acting is perfect! That’s it!
    I’ve never read this, thank you! And the pic’s amazing. Love the ‘brushed’ design. And that it’s Will doesn’t hurt 🙂

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  3. gracenotpark

    I think that early natural promise, and his teacher’s hope, has been quite fulfilled, thank you very much. XD


  4. vanduyn

    Love the pic! You did an excellent job!


  5. What great things this teacher said about Alex 🙂
    And I’m sure he has fulfilled his expectations….and some more


  6. This is the first time i read the statement. The teacher was right. Alex mixes method with emotion/intuition. His sense of responsibility, commitment and his ethics to the work completes the amazing actor he is.

    A note to Paula: i already saw the photobucket gifs. Thank you very much!

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  7. Thank You Paula for a wonderful find and gorgeous picture of Alex

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