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#AlexOLoughlin got Jiu-Jitsu Hugsies at Whole Food Market, Kailua

Alex, Egan Inoue and Marcus Wilson, who is a black belt student of Egan,  demonstrated some defense moves at the Whole Food Market last Saturday.

To a very small audience (where the hell were all the fans?!)

Photo credit Monica Bacon, posted on Honolulu Pulse, Five-o Redux

Posted on Honolulu Pulse, Five-o Redux, courtesy of Monica Bacon

Big thanks to P Tina Watson aka @honorooroo on IG for sharing her video clips with all us Alex fans. I asked for original audio clips, even though (sadly) there wasn´t really any talking by Alex. Anyway, it is always a treat to watch him in action.

Oh to get a hug from Alex…mmmm…..


Here are the links to her videos on youtube:

Active Living Week at Whole Foods Market included a free BJJ Fitness Demo with some Self -Defense Tips from The crew at Grappling Unlimited Egan Inoue’s Training Center

Here is a short series of some self-defense tips.. follow me @honorooroo for more healthy lifestyle tips and how I stay fit..

Thank you Tina for sharing your lovely clips cat_smiley01

bearded al peek ty

Taking this opportunity to once again remind fans and Hawaiians that Alex doesn´t have any social media accounts (apart from his FB page, run by his publicist).

And please be aware of that one “alexoloughlin_official” hoax account on IG.

We actually tried to tell one local Hawaiian this, since they had that fake official account tagged,  but for some reason they just kept deleting any such comments ( 😦 ). 

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Posted by tag_aloha on IG

Some pictures of the event: Originally posted by MoniMoob on Five0 Redux



I wish they would have promoted this “gig” earlier and got more people to attend.

Are they scared the fans will storm the place because of Alex and therefor leaving it to the last minute.

But having just a handful of people attending is a shame.



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