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Wave of woe may swamp ‘Five-0′ – 2012

Hawaii Five-0′s Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams are an argument for arguments.

USA Today

By Bill Keveney

18 September 2012

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Over the first two seasons, the lead characters, played by Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan respectively, have developed a strong friendship firmly based in disagreement. The frequent ones that take place while driving have become known as “carguments.”

“In the first season, I feel we sort of ran on getting to know each other as characters. You have a lot more to argue about when you’re trying to decide whether you like somebody or not,” says Caan, as O’Loughlin laughs.

“Now, the arguments have turned more into brothers that argue, which is great, too, as long as there’s something to disagree on.”

“And if there’s not, we’ll often create things,” says O’Loughlin, in a dual interview with Caan during a visit to the mainland. “I think we’ve done that a fair bit, where the scene seems too sort of smooth and we’ll choose a part of dialogue (and make it) more argumentative than it’s actually written.”

They will have to stow their disputes as Season 3 opens with the characters far-flung and in crisis. McGarrett, in Japan, must get reacquainted with his mother, Doris, who he thought died 20 years earlier; Danny will grapple with the possibility of being separated from his young daughter, Grace (Teilor Grubbs), if she and his ex-wife move away from Hawaii; and Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) faces the possibility of losing his wife, Malia (Reiko Aylesworth), or his cousin, Kono (Grace Park) — or both. Five-0 averaged 12 million viewers in Season 2.

“There’s going to be emotional fallout from the decisions that (they) make, like McGarrett reconnecting with his mother. What’s that relationship going to be like with somebody who abandoned you for 20 years?” executive producer Peter Lenkov says. “And Chin’s decision to go to Malia’s side and leave Kono hanging, all that is going to have to play out.”

Bad cop Frank Delano (William Baldwin) will be back, Lenkov says, and don’t count out McGarrett’s nemesis Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos), even though he’s behind bars.

Christine Lahti will play McGarrett’s mother.

“She’s a fantastic actor and I’m glad to work with her,” O’Loughlin says. “She brings a new dynamic to the show.”

McGarrett also will have a girlfriend, Catherine (Michelle Borth, who has appeared in earlier episodes), but he’s reluctant to admit it, O’Loughlin says.

“He’s got issues, man. And the funny thing is the person who stirs him up most about those issues is Danny Williams, who isn’t exactly the relationship guru.”

O’Loughlin, who missed an episode of Season 2 to undergo supervised treatment after taking prescription pain medication for a shoulder injury, says he’s fully recovered.

“I got hurt a number of times on the show, and I took a break, and it was the best thing for my physical recovery,” he says. “A lot of people were talking about it because they didn’t have anything else to talk about. Everything’s good now.”

The friendship of O’Loughlin and Caan, born a day apart in 1976, is key to making the on-camera “bromance” work, Lenkov says.

Caan says he and O’Loughlin have a lot in common, including surfing, jiu-jitsu, and “a nicotine addiction,” and that the buddy element of Five-0 works because they are friends. “It’s hard to go against what really exists,” he says. “If you have a rapport with somebody, that’s going to come out.”


My Thoughts

  • Yes, as Scott says in the interview he and Alex share a nicotine addiction. We have seen them on some pictures on the set, smoking cigars. Alex seems to prefer cigars at the moment, but in the past we have also seen him with cigarettes and at some stage while filming Season 2, he used to chew tobacco.
  • Just a request – this is not an invitation for lectures on smoking and health. We are all aware of the dangers of smoking. And please allow Alex as an adult, to make his own choices in life.


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