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#H50 stars excited on the eve of series debut – Sept 2010


sotb 1 smiling

Alex & assistant Diana greeting fans at SOTB – 2010. I see a few familiar faces.


PEARL HARBOR (HawaiiNewsNow) – Fans on Oahu already got a sneak peek. Now, people across the country are watching Monday night’s Hawaii Five-0 premiere. Before the big debut, the stars took a break from filming to get viewers to tune in.

Hawaii News Now

21 September 2010

By Lisa Kubota

The Hawaii Five-0 crew transformed an Oahu landmark into a busy set. Parts of the pilot were shot at the Mighty Mo and now episode six returns to Pearl Harbor for a hostage standoff.

making of h50 pilot 10

“I think we all know that the pilot’s definitely really good, the first episode is really good and if we can sustain that” said Scott Caan, who plays Detective Danny ‘Danno’ Williams.

making of h50 pilot 8

In between scenes, the stars did dozens of satellite interviews to promote the new series in places like Dallas, New York, and of course, here in Hawaii.

“This has been completely unprecedented in my experience. The amount of publicity and marketing the show has been getting, not just here in Hawaii but globally. I got a phone call from a friend in London today saying that she has just been hearing all about Hawaii Five-0” said Daniel Dae Kim, who portrays Chin Ho Kelly.

The nationwide debut comes one week after thousands of local fans watched the first episode in Waikiki.

“I wasn’t nervous until this morning and then I thought to myself, we’re really going to find out after all the hoopla and all the hype, we’re gonna find out what we got.”

Fans are also curious to see if there will be some romance in the action-packed show. “We find love, but it’s platonic…kind of special love. Man love, ‘bro-mance’ style. I always find love, everywhere I go I find some love” said Alex O’Loughlin, who plays Steve McGarrett.

making of h50 pilot 6

When they’re not on the set — the stars are exploring their new home. Scott Caan can’t wait to start surfing again — once he recovers from a knee injury. “I like Kaisers a lot, Bowls, Ala Moana, I really like that place” said Caan.

“I’m learning how to surf. I’m trying to get to a point where I can actually stand up and look like I know what I’m doing by the time he can surf again” said O’Loughlin.

The actors hope the new Five-0 is as popular as the first one. The premiere comes exactly 42 years after the original show debuted.

making of h50 pilot 15

Paula captured these pictures from the Season 1 Blu-ray – ‘The making of the Pilot’


My thoughts

Alex: I always find love, everywhere I go I find some love. <<<< Just like Steve, Alex has proven his words over the years, with so many special relationships with his fellow stars. He seems to be a dude that other dudes love to be friends with. 😀




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