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#AlexOLoughlin on CBS Baltimore: WJZ (transcript) – April 2008

Alex on CBS Baltimore – WJZ (TV’s Morning Edition)

with anchors Don Scott and Marty Bass
24 April 2008

ml 13 f 1

Marty: In America, we grow actors who look like Peter Falk and Danny DeVito.


Don: Among others.

Marty: But in Australia, they grow actors that look like … [laughs] … look like Hugh Jackman and our guest this morning, Alex O’Loughlin.

[They play a clip from Moonlight Episode 13]

Marty: Ladies and gentleman, from the network that brought you Touch by an Angel’, the actor .. Alex.
Hi, Alex how are you doing this morning? What is going on?

ml 13 f 9

Alex: Good morning, good morning.

Marty: So Moonlight is getting some pretty good run here. I mean let’s face it, this is a quirky idea.

Alex: It is.

Marty: Did you have to be talked into this?

Alex: As a matter of fact, when I was pitched the script by my agents, you know, they said this is a vampire PI. And I thought, Nah …. Really?


Alex: I heard it before you know what I mean, ‘Angel‘ had been made and made successfully. And so I read the script and it was very different and excellent.

ml 13 f 6

Marty: And so you ….

Don: You have to be talked into that, right.

Marty: What a leap of faith man.

Alex: Correct. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, means, I just say it was excellent … it was excellent. And it is excellent. I really enjoy the show.

It’s a … it wasn’t so difficult for me to imagine how to bring this character or the show to life. Because I’ve been a big fan of the genre for … since I was a little guy. And, you know this character of Mick St John. I mean, he’s a morally conflicted sort of … It is a very dramatically interesting story.

He’s got a lot of obstacles to get through every day, just to be able to sort of deal with himself. And so, you know as audience members we like … that’s what we like to see.

We like to see an ordinary person, even though he is not really ordinary …. We like to see people overcoming great obstacles, and that’s what he has to do.

ml 13 f 4

Don: Okay. My wife wishes she was sitting here in my place, because this is her favourite show and you are one of her favourite characters of course.

Marty: Hey, I will say this. Don’s wife is relatively picky.

Alex: Picky? I’m flattered, thank you very much.

ml 13 f 7

Don: It’s Jane Austen, number 1. You’re number 2.

Alex: I am happy to be a second to Jane Austen.

Marty: And then, and then, and then, ‘Guys go on wild’ as number 3.

Don: Okay, it goes downhill quickly.

Alex: Yeah, now it’s getting weird guys.

ml 13 beth

Don: On the show, you are “cured”. As a …

Alex: As a vamp? That’s right. On the show, right. At the end of number 12 which was the last episode that we saw, Mick has discovered a cure… A mortal cure and he is now in the mortal coil. Which is all that he has ever wanted.

And so, in 13 when we come back … Mick is faced with a great … probably the greatest decision of his life to date. And that is, whether or not to make the decision to become a vampire again to save the person he loves.

Don: Ah-ha

Marty: Yeah, which… which …

Alex: Yeah.

Marty: Yeah, it’s almost like … kind of like doing a survivor … like come on, just tell us, who won?

Alex: That’s right.

Marty: Not a chance, what a deal.


Marty: So let me ask you as well. What else you got going right now? There’s a reason I’m asking this. Because this is … it’s a long time to do one of these series. And once again I’m going to …. It’s a tremendous leap of faith for you and your agent and your common sense, that this thing is going to be a multiyear deal. So have you put life on hold? Or are you hedging your bet?

Alex: Well, I mean it’s not … really you have to understand the life of an actor. And the life of an actor is …. I mean the fact is, I spend many, many years living on rice and ketchup.

You know, going from audition to audition. From drama school to acting class and this and that and the other, you know.

And so it’s … it’s great to have a job. And noted, I worked … I’ve worked a bit over the years, and I’ve done a bunch of films and I’ve done a bunch of theatre and, and … but I’m committed to this project.

And if I get a job … If I take a job, I take a job 100%. And I don’t think about other jobs. And so just for today, I’m … I am the lead role in this TV show called ‘Moonlight’ and that’s all I’m thinking about you know. And if they continue this on, that’s great.

ml 13 f 2

Don: But by having a hit, it’s bound to open doors for you.

Alex: Well absolutely. And you know, I mean, it’s just right …. like I can’t really think about anything else, because this … this is such a big role for me.

This is such a big job and it requires so much of my energy, that if I start thinking out of those realms, it will …. the show will suffer. And I am not prepared for that to happen.

Marty: Time is running short. I am just curious, you said you are a fan of the genre for years. Who was your favourite vampire?

Alex: Ah … I think my favourite vampire was Anne Rice’s, Lestat.

ml 13 f 3

Marty: Yes.

Don: Sure. Wow.

Marty: You know, I got to be honest with you, an intense role and performed very well on screen. Very well.

Alex: Yes. Lestat or Mick St John? I’m just checking….

Marty: Well both at this point.

[Laughs all around]

Marty: Congratulations. Listen, we’ve got … we’ve got to run, and knock the ball out of the ballpark, and continued success.

Alex: Thanks, guys.

Marty: We hope to have you on one of these satellite tours again.

Alex: That would be great. I’d love to.

Marty: Right brother, it’s our pleasure. See you later.

Alex: Bye, bye

ml 13 f 5

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My Thoughts

  •  but I’m committed to this project. And if I get a job … If I take a job, I take a job 100%. And I don’t think about other jobs. And so just for today, I’m … I am the lead role in this TV show called ‘Moonlight’ and that’s all I’m thinking about you know.” —- Alex showed the same commitment towards Hawaii Five-0. Nothing sexier, than a man who shows commitment to the important things in his life, his family, his friends and the responsibility of his job. And in the world of an actor that type of commitment shows respect, not only to his employer, but also to his fellow cast and crew members AND to his fans. The signs of a good man and a true leader. 


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