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#AlexOLoughlin……. a man of many faces

old beard al

Just as much as an actor need to change his character to portray different roles, it is a plus if they can also alter their look. And it is something that Alex can do easily and with great success. For 8 to 9 months of a year, Alex needs to look like Steve McGarrett, because that is his job.

Only during hiatus, when he is on holiday can he “let his hair down and do his own thing. That is HIS time. His well deserved break after every season of hard labour and constant public life. Time for him to be a “normal” person, spending quality time with family and friends and to do what he enjoys.


He has been doing this in his rest periods for 10 years now …. something his long time fans know by now? Sad smiley 141

For us as fans it is a huge privilege to get to see glimpses of these holiday periods in Alex’s life, outside his world as an actor.

But it continues to amaze me that every year, when we do get to see these rare gems of pictures of  Alex on vacation, just doing his own thing and supporting local causes, that fans think they have any influence by criticizing his choices.

Rather than just appreciating another glimpse of his life on display for us, some fans are acting as if his facial hair is a permanent alteration and a mortal sin. Really?!gaah

Alex likes to grow his facial hair while he is on holiday, his body is full of ink (tattoos), he’s got multiple piercings, he smokes cigars, he’s got a potty mouth, he likes to wear blue, he enjoys the danger of motorbikes, and he loves and protects his family’s privacy.

Enjoy him for who he is.……….. and not what you think he should be. :iminlove:

All of us have our preferences in life and it is really okay to not like beards. (Paula don’t like beards, but I on the other hands, have fond memories of a past lover with a beard :sexy:  )

It is also fine to say that you don’t like beards – in a respectful undemanding manner. Just rather not come across as overbearing and rude – freedom of speech, does not constitute ‘entitlement to rudeness’.

That’s all, rant over.

Seeing all the silly comments of rude remarks and ‘demands’ on social media, makes me once again support and applaud Alex and his choice, to not subject himself to it and to steer clear from social media.

As much as I would have liked to experience him communicating with us, just as much would I rather not see his peace of mind, be disturbed and subjected to all the horribleness that fans are capable off (especially not for something as trivial as a hiatus-beard).

Beard 2

Please lighten up and stop getting your panties in a twist …… because as soon as filming start, Alex will be beardless and gorgeous Steve again.


Unless they have some storyline, of Steve going rogue and wild ………  https://i0.wp.com/www.piratesahoy.net/styles/emoticons/aar.gif




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