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My TV hero: @GeorgeTakei on #AlexOLoughlin – 2011

 I appeared in the original Hawaii Five-O and can’t wait to meet the new Detective Steve McGarrett

by George Takei

(in My TV Hero series)

Guardian UK

article by Patrick Kingsley

Monday, 5 September 2011

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I love watching the new Hawaii Five-0 show with my husband, Brad Altman.

We travel a lot, so we tend to record two or three episodes and then have a Five-0 fest for a whole night.

What I especially like is the way Alex O’Loughlin has developed the lead character, Detective Steve McGarrett.

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I was a big fan of the original series from way back in the 70s, when it was first televised. In those days, McGarrett was played as a granite, stolid character.

But O’Loughlin has added more dimensions. He has been in other series, but I’ve not seen them – and I think that’s what makes his McGarrett much more interesting for me.

I see it without the influence of other characters that he has created.

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McGarrett is still the classic TV hero – courageous, strong, handsome and all that – but he is also tortured by his father’s death, and has a sense of responsibility for his family; as a son, and as a sibling.

And that makes him a more layered character. The connections that he has developed with the other lead characters – Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park – have turned Hawaii Five-0 into a very interesting story.

It’s a totally changed show, certainly in terms of rhythm and colour. And while I loved it back then for what it was, I love it even more for what it is today.

It’s not just action and adventure any more, but an exploration of character and relationships as well. I love Hawaii, and the show lets me go there vicariously every week.


I appeared in the original Hawaii Five-O, and there’s even the possibility of me appearing again. If that happens, I’m really looking forward to meeting Alex.

I only know him as McGarrett, so I can’t wait to meet Alex O’Loughlin, the actor behind the character. And I’ll definitely tell him I’m a fan. Why would I not?

I always enjoy it when someone comes up and says they’re a fan of mine.

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My Thoughts

  • I think it is a very nice and rather great compliment for Alex and his character of Steve, coming from George. George has been part of the Hollywood industry for such a long time and shared the screen with many other great talents.
  • I remember that I first read this article in those beginning days of being an Alex fangirl and enjoyed these comments from George very much. It just reinforced my ‘small’ infatuation with Alex at that stage. 😀
  • Of course a year after this article, George got his chance to be on Hawaii Five-0, in Episode 3:11 as Chin’s uncle – Uncle Choi. The part was very small and he did not get a chance to share the screen with Alex. 😦 But I’m kind of sure that they got the chance to meet. In my opinion they could have given him a bigger part to play.
  • George is a very interesting person to follow on social media. He is really a fun guy, with a great sense of humour.
  • And I have to agree with GeorgeSteve McGarrett is my TV hero.





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