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Making Love with ‘#AlexOLoughlin’, eewww…

Alex talking about love scenes, on the set of Moonlight – 2008


Alex: The thing about … a …. sex scenes and romance and passion and stuff in films. There’s a crew of 50 people standing around and … you know, I mean.

It’s the most awkward thing an actor ever has to do, is roll around with somebody else he doesn’t know at all … in the nude.

You have people kind of fondling around all parts of your body. And got … they put you in a, what is a called a dancers belt. Which is essentially a G-string.

And  they kind of just fondle where, and fiddle around where they will. And you just sort of have to ignore them.

   Some gentle loving in ‘The Back-up Plan’


It’s funny, because I mean it’s fun to watch, when you’re not in a scene like that. But there’s nothing fun about doing a scene like that. I’ve had to do a couple of them in my career and it’s like ……. it’s like just weird, sort of icky.

You’re doing this thing. I mean you’re simulating sexual penetr ……. you know, sexual intercourse with someone you don’t know. And naked and rubbing bodies and trying not to rub. You don’t know each other…. it’s like 50 people standing around and a camera pointing up your ass.

And it’s like, there’s nothing really very fun and nice about it. So you sort of just wanna make it as realistic as possible and bring truth to it, like you do with all the other scenes. But yeah, I did have to do a pretty raunchy scene for ‘The Shield

Alex O’Loughlin, Access Hollywood, September 2007

The Chair in ‘The Shield’


There is nothing intimate about a sex scene at all.

You have got 30 people standing around and there is a camera between your legs and there are lights and make-up girls looking at your bum to make sure you haven’t got too much shine.

If I never did another one, that would be just fine.

— Alex O’Loughlin, AAP General News, Australia, 16 June 2005

The Pier in ‘Oyster Farmer’


If we didn’t laugh about it, we would have been crying.

Now I’ve started worrying because Oyster Farmer is going out on 22 screens internationally in July, and there’ll be my naked bum again.

— Alex O’Loughlin, The Courier Mail, 23 June 2005

Playing with his food in ‘Feed’


He [Alex] is a very talented young actor and he is definitely going places.

He’s a real movie star and definitely gives a very courageous performance in this.

Apart from getting nude several times, as the part called for, he really went there, to a kind of very dark place.

– Brett Leonard, DVD commentary from the Director of ‘Feed’

S€X on the beach in ‘Mary Bryant’


I told them I’m happy to do whatever sex scenes they want.

Either with actors or by myself. So they’re getting back to me on that.

That may or may not be a reason why they pick up the show.

He’s obsessed with sex. No, we’re not gonna pick the show up. Moonlight fucked with him. He’s kinda all weird now.’

– Alex O’Loughlin, EW PopWatch, 29 April 2009




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