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#AlexOLoughlin promoting Three Rivers on ‘Great Day St. Louis’ – October 2009

Alex in an interview with Carol Daniel from ‘Great day St Louis’

(Video Transcript)

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Carol: The premiere for CBS’s new medical drama is called Three Rivers. Alex O’Loughlin plays Dr. Andy Yablonski and joins us now to discuss the show.

It’s a pleasure to talk to you. Let me ask you first. You know, critics write what critics do. That’s what they do for a living. And I’ve read that some say,

“Oh my, another medical drama. Why should we care? Alex might be the one to make us care!”.

Alex: [laughs] Well we … Absolutely. Why should we care? It’s that classic thing, isn’t it Carol? There are no new stories, you know.

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Carol: Right.

Alex: And every story has already been told. Not just medical stories. I mean, every story.

Essentially every story was told when a guy most of us have heard of, William Shakespeare, wrote a book called the complete works.

Carol: That’s it.

Alex: He told every story. We just beg, borrowing and stealing and do variations of a theme, you know. And so yes, it’s a medical drama.

But it’s a medical drama that we haven’t seen before, which is why I chose to do it. Because I didn’t want to do a show … I try not to do things that have been done before.

And so, which is why Moonlight, my last show, was so appealing to me. And this one is so appealing to me because it’s about organ transplant medicine. And it is about organ donation.

That’s the core of the show, you know. And you can see my set here behind us, incredible … we work in this incredible high-tech hospital, like no hospital I’ve ever seen before. So it’s got a sort of CSI element to the procedural side of things. But the organ …..

We tell the story from 3 points of view. It’s called Three Rivers. We tell the story from the organ donor and their family, the recipient, and their significant others and myself … my character, Andy Yablonski, and the rest of the medical team here at Three Rivers.

And so it’s, it’s a very different medical show.

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Carol: Yeah, and your character, I understand, Dr. Andy as well … how shall we say? A bit sarcastic. Was that a stretch for you, Alex?

Alex: [Laughs] No, it wasn’t a stretch at all. I mean. You know, sarcasm is a …. My grandfather used to say it’s the lowest form of wit. You know, he also used to raise an eyebrow and get kind of mad when I would curse out of the side of mouth at any time.

He would say, “It’s a sign of a limited vocabulary”. So and he … he was a wise man and was … he was not wrong.

But my character is … he has a comprehensive understanding of irony. Which is not something everybody does have.

And he has … he has a sense of humour that is something he uses …. as something that gets him through each day.
And there are a couple of things that my character Andy Yablonski has, to get him through each day, because every day for him is … is … is full of death. That’s what these people deal with.

They’re in the life business, but they deal with death.

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Carol: Absolutely

Alex: They get close to people and they lose them every day, you know what I mean.

Carol: Yes.

Alex: And he’s … he’s almost a Robin Hood too. He fights to get … he fights to kind of give life to people, who other people are saying, they’re not worth giving life to.

Carol: Well Alex, it’s a pleasure to talk to you. And good luck on Three Rivers. I’ll be watching.

Alex: Thank you.

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My Thoughts

  • I always wonder if Alex just missed the compliment at the beginning or if he played it down. She was clearly giving him a big compliment via the critics, for why people would watch the show.
  • I find that the problem with sarcasm is, that it normally does not hit the target – and by that I mean that the person, or people who it was aimed at, are normally not able to “get” it. Have seen it a few times in interviews where Alex say something sarcastic and have some fun with fans who take themselves too seriously, and then it is exactly those people who the sarcasm was aimed at, who don’t ‘get’ that he was having some fun at their expense. 🙂
  • Later that year, on the ‘CBS live chat’Alex said that his worst habit is cursing – sorry grandpa Reggie. 😀

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Link to the video

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