#AlexOLoughlin : From The Back-up Plan dad, to #H50 ’s McGarrett – April 2010

Alex O’Loughlin plays Jennifer Lopez’s love interest in The Back-up Plan, a guy who ends up with more than he bargained for when he starts to date her.

Toronto Star
Lisa Barnard
22 April 2010
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Australian actor Alex O’Loughlin plays Jennifer Lopez’s love interest in The Back-up Plan, opening Friday. He’s Stan, a dairy farmer who ends up with more than he bargained for when he starts to date feisty Manhattan pet-shop owner Zoe (Lopez). She’s decided to start a family on her own through artificial insemination, and learns she’s pregnant with twins as soon as they get together, creating some tension in their fledgling relationship — not to mention laughs.
O’Loughlin started his career in Australian films (Oyster Farmer) has had ongoing roles in American TV series Moonlight and Three Rivers. The 33-year-old, who was up for the role that eventually went to Daniel Craig as James Bond, will be seen next as Det. Steve McGarrett in CBS Television’s reboot of the long-running action series, Hawaii Five-O.

Q: As a father, what were you able to bring to the role of Stan?

Alex: Something I did relate to was the shock for a young man hearing the woman he is involved with is pregnant and the moment when Stan really comes to terms with it, and especially when he’s there and reading to (the twins) and that young man becoming a young father.

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Q: You get some good advice on parenting from a playground dad (Anthony Anderson). How was it filming those scenes?

Alex: Anthony is a wonderful actor. He’s a funny dude who brings a great energy. Those scenes were important for my character in that they helped him come to terms with what’s happening, where he makes the decision to man up and carry on. We hit on some funny parts (about fatherhood).

Q: Often in a rom-com, the guy plays a second-banana role. Were you pleased Stan is more of an equal presence?

Alex: Well, initially I wanted Jennifer’s role, but upon further reading of the script, I decided I was safe on my own.

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Q: What was up with your shirtless scenes on the farm?

Alex: What is he, a cheese farmer? (laughs) Better get ripped! They offered me a trainer and I was, ‘What for? I’m a dairy farmer.’ But they got me this trainer who is one of the best in the business, Jeff Blair. He taught me so much about nutrition. I’ve always been into athletics and sports, so I got to do something else I really enjoy while making the film.


Q: You’ve done a lot of drama and action and were even up for James Bond. Do you prefer that to comedy?

Alex: Drama is something that I know more intimately than comedy. I love comedy, though I find it more challenging. A rom-com is a more challenging thing for me. It’s a different way of working and it’s all about timing. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

Q: Jennifer Lopez has done several rom-coms. How was it working with her?

Alex: Jennifer is so good at it. She throws herself into it and isn’t afraid of failing. She’s the first one to throw herself in the mud.

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Q: You’re taking on a famous role as Steve McGarrett in Five-O. It made Jack Lord’s career. How is your version of McGarrett different?

Alex: McGarrett is a Navy SEAL and he comes back to the island because of something that happens and ends up running a task force. It’s a great concept and it looks like a film the way it’s shot.

Q: Do you say ‘Book ’em Danno’?

Alex: Of course.

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10 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin : From The Back-up Plan dad, to #H50 ’s McGarrett – April 2010

  1. buttercup4u

    “Book’em Danno” was actually a long time ago! Why didn’t we have it said recently! It’s more like “Grov’em Lou” 😉 whatever that means in english slang 😉

    No matter what, I love, how Alex talks nicely of his co-workers, he seems like seeing the good in everybody, and leaving the bad aside, that’s what it should be with all of us (not that we can’t say our opinion, but you all now what I mean 😉 )


    • If I listen and read the different interviews, it looks like both Alex and Scott do not like the “Book’em Danno” thing. And most of the times it sounds a bit forced.
      I actually have been contemplating writing a story about it for a while now from what I read and observed in the show. Including why I think it kind of failed to become more of a permanent thing during the reboot.
      And I know what to mean and agree 🙂


    • Serai

      Unfortunately, we’ve lost the ability to enjoy things like “Book ’em, Danno” unironically. The idea of doing something because it’s tradition, or because that’s just what the character *does*, isn’t good enough anymore. Way back when, viewers *expected* that phrase – the episodes weren’t complete until McGarrett said that and Williams nodded and complied. It was like Picard’s “Make it so!” It was integral to the experience, and it would have sounded false if McGarrett said anything else. But times change, *sigh*. (Personally, I’d love to hear that be McGarrett’s catchphrase every episode, myself. It’s not like real people *don’t* have things they say habitually, after all.)


  2. buttercup4u

    What i absolutely like about this movie is Stan’s not McGarrett-ness!


  3. Serai

    “What is he, a cheese farmer? (laughs) Better get ripped! ”

    AHAHA. Poor boy. He had NO IDEA what he was getting into. It’s a ROM-COM, sweetie – don’t you know who these films are made for? It doesn’t matter who your character is, you are GOING to get that shirt off. It’s required. *eg*


    • Only good bits in that movie IMO 😉
      Except there was the bloopers at the end too with Alex cracking up. Hilarious!


      • Serai

        YES. I’ve never been a J.Lo fan, myself. The only thing I’ve ever really liked her in was Soderbergh’s “Out of Sight”. She did well in that. But in comedies, she *way* overplays everything. Not the best person to learn the art from, in my opinion. Her overplaying actually seemed to rub off on him, as I thought he played some moments rather too broadly, and would have done better to pull back a bit. But *he’s* a newbie, and so can be forgiven. A pity he didn’t cut his teeth with a costar who was more subtle and knew how to be funny without slapstick and mugging. Personally, I think he’s more suited to the sardonic, ironic side of comedy, rather than the big broad banana-peel type, which is where much of the comedy in TBUP is situated. But hey, at least he gave it a shot. (I loved the bloopers, too. He has the most natural, unforced laugh.)


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