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Hawaii Five 0 – Tonight is the End

So we got here again, another season ending for Steve. Time flies (especially looking back), felt like just a couple of months ago the summer hiatus was over and this eagerly awaited s 5 finally appeared on our screens. Since this is the first time we don´t know about the show´s future (while watching the finale), tonight will be extra special. We should actually be able to tell about season 6, by the ending in the finale. At least that´s what PLenkov tweeted a while ago, that he had 2 endings in mind, one for season finale and one for show´s finale. Odds are 50-50 for the show returning to our screens.

What ever the H50 future is, I wanted to look back at the earlier season finales, just to say a small goodbye to McGarrett. We miss you…when you are gone.






We have had just one non-cliffhanger finale so far, will 525 end with a smile or dead people coming back to haunt Steve?

I will be happy to see McG in a suit again, and even happier without anything. Bring it on Steve! 😀



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